Maris Vijay – Symphonizing The Subtle, We Have A Winner Home.

Long Trail

The commemorator of aesthetic appeasement is the one capable of engraving through the hearts of people with just the initials of his raw artistic magic. Maris Vijay(, born on 31st May 1982, a notable Indian film composer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is today fame recognized all across the globe for his aesthetic charisma in Vingyani (Kollywood), Villavan (Malaysia), Dans La Maison Du Capitaine (French).

Le Passage Secret (French & English) is another one of his big enactments, currently under production. With a special preference for music since a kid, Maris Vijay imprinted on piano and music codes as his life and career.

He started his realistic presentation in school concerts and choirs enthralling the churches, moving to sequence for jingles, short films, gospels, and devotional songs after grading from Trinity College of Music, London.

Maris Vijay captured his name in golden letters when he started playing the keys for many music directors in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films as a sequencer and programmer, bringing him an exclamation in the cinema and television industry.

A Celebrated Artist

Such devoured claim over his talent, Maris Vijay has enriched experience in recording, mixing, sequencing, and composing. Recently, Maris Vijay hits the headline for his musical composition in Drop of Water, by Raj Kumar Das, as a nomination in the International Film Festival, EL CINE SUMA PEACE. With his soul flung in composing this musical piece, he has revived life to Drop of Water.

Maris Vijay crowns the international tags of being nominated for Best International Music Director at Cinefest Malaysia 2019 for Villavan and of Best Music Programmer Award from the United Kingdom, London for Sambavii Saranam. However, recognizing his significant statute to the music field, he was bestowed with an honorary Doctorate in Music from the Academy of Universal Global Peace.


Maris Vijay established Miracle Music, a music production company, in 2002 recording many local, national, internationally released albums and doing countless demo tapes in the Christian Devotional and Commercial field inclusive of all kinds of musical work and cinema.

He established his recording theater, Miracle Waves, in 2011 prompting high-quality produce with the use of the latest technology, embedding creativity and phonetics. His new endeavor, Trinity Waves Studio, is upgraded hardware and plethora’s with 5.1 surround monitors and analog gears with high tech interiors, 120 lighting colors, multiple recording rooms, and a car park.

The first production from this studio was witness sung by 67th National film awards Savaniee Ravindra for song Thollai Kashtangal release at M-Muzik official. The film Villavan with every future attachment has also deciphered its foundation in this studio.

Believing the aroma of fabricating and unleashing talent around, Maris Vijay started the new production label, M-Muzik official YouTube channel, serving as the biggest platform for all independent artists around, commencing collaboration from international artists, to showcase their talents and reach their destination. Maris Vijay redefining the music is an artist cherishable to every vibe.

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