Maritza Moreno: Having A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Living a daily healthy lifestyle for some means sticking to the daily normal health routines like cleaning up early, eating the right meals at the right time, and making sure you hit the target for your desired weight loss. While others don’t consider a healthy lifestyle beyond how they live their lives daily.

While several individuals have their personal opinion on a healthy lifestyle, one thing for sure, you’ll need the expertise of Health Professionals to have a balance and predictable health. One such expert is Maritza Moreno, a registered dietitian, and certified diabetes educator; she is also a co-founder of the optimized life project that helps people regain their health.

To improve human health and also contribute to a sustainable weight reduction strategy, she has helped to successfully manage clients’ health needs on several occasions. Her ideology is to make clients self-sufficient after a while of mentoring and coaching. Her service is well respected in this field because of her sustainable approach and experience.

Keeping a sustainable health habit is her passion, and she disclosed three things that inspired what she does for a living.

  • Her experience working within the health care system
  • Her journey and 100lb. Weight loss
  • Her experiences owning a fitness studio with her husband.

Working with her team that helps carry some of the weight on the front end of the program in terms of helping clients get organized in the kitchen, back in touch with their tastebuds, and off the dieting rollercoaster and at the same time also explore client’s mindset & lifestyle curriculum where they start laying out the logistics in their lives that will allow them to be consistent in their self-care.

On challenges, she identifies popular with serving clients is how to get clients to be long term oriented with her approach because contrary to popular opinion, having a sustainable weight loss and healthy lifestyle takes time and must be built around the lifestyle of clients, and this will help provide a personal and practical solution wrapped around their client’s lifestyle challenges.

Maritza Moreno is good at what she does and she is looking forward to impacting 300 lives this year and with more teams on board, she can surpass her target exponentially. In days to come, she is also planning to offer a group coaching-only program with an online curriculum for people who desire a slightly less-intensive level of coaching support, and a digital, self-guided product for those who are self-motivated for behavior change but just need some solid evidence-based information & guidance to correct some unhelpful habits and/or nutrition-related beliefs they have picked up along the way. 

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