Marjorie Landron is the founder of THE HEALING TREE WELLNESS CENTER and an LCSW. She is also a trained anger management Specialist II. Marjorie’s areas of expertise include Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

She earned her Master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Mental Health and a sub-concentration in Military and Veteran Social Work from the University of Southern California. She is pursuing a DSW – Doctorate in Social Work at the moment.

Marjorie is a member of the NASW (National Association of Social Workers), APA (American Psychological Association), and NAMA (National Anger Management Association). In 2016, she received the Rising Star in Social Work Award.

The Healing Tree Wellness Center

THE HEALING TREE is a unique spot for healing, calm, and well-being. Our staff is committed to offering superior therapy services to help you overcome your personal challenges. A licenced clinical social worker, a professional counsellor, and a marriage and family therapist make up our team. We provide therapeutic services for individuals, groups, families, and businesses. These therapeutic services are as follows:

Therapy for Mental Illness

We all just need someone to speak to, who recognizes us without passing judgment, and who is available when we really need them… and there are instances when we don’t have someone to help us. You’ve come to the right place! Your individuality will be treasured, and your mind will be soothed. Because mental health is so stigmatized, she offers total confidentiality. All that counts is your recovery and doing what you believe is best for you!

Intervention in a Crisis

When life throws you a curveball and you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone who can assist and act as soon as possible following a crisis such as divorce, death, or other life-changing occurrences.

Management of Anger

The purpose of anger management is to decrease both your emotional and physiological arousal caused by rage. You can’t get rid of, ignore, or change the things or people who irritate you, but you can learn to regulate your emotions. These services are provided to our clients by our CEO, Marjorie Landron, who is a Certified Anger Management Specialist.

Counseling for Couples

Couples counseling is aimed to help couples better their relationship through strengthening communication skills, deciding relationship obligations, infidelity, financial disputes, and more. It is available to couples who may or may not be married.

Growth & Empowerment

Personal empowerment and growth are going inside you to find the confidence and strength you need to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Our empowerment and growth programs will provide you with the tools and direction you need to take charge of your life.

What She Does

Marjorie Landron also provides life coaching and self-empowerment training. Her purpose is to assist you in achieving your objectives. She will assist you in leading a more virtuous and prosperous life! She has worked in marketing, non-profits, finance, real estate, life insurance, social services, and more!

“Once the pandemic hit, I started meeting clients through Telehealth, so I didn’t need an office,” says Marjorie Landron, CEO and Clinical Director of THE HEALING TREE. She relocated her office to the Atlas Medical Center since she still meets relatively few clients in person, despite the fact that she is now taking new clients.

She has worked in finances, real estate, case management, anger management, couples counseling, and business consultation prior to becoming a licensed clinical social worker. Nonprofit organizations, event planning, public speaking, anger management, and training are among her specialties. She is the CEO of THE HEALING TREE WELLNESS CENTER, which offers cutting-edge regenerative treatments and complementary therapies. Her superpower is social work. sign up via Psychology Today:

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