Mark Coleman Opens up on Relationship With UFC’s Dana White.

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When it comes to mixed martial arts, the game is always evolving. New techniques and changes are being introduced in the game now and then. The game being home to a lot of different countries and disciplines can never be still. Mark Coleman, the UFC Hall of Famer knows the evolving game better than anyone else in the industry.

When interviewed, the wrestler gave his views about a lot of things, few of them being the pay the wrestlers are getting, Dana White, the president of UFC and celebrity boxing that has lately been popular amongst the public and is drawing a lot of attention from the audience. 

Coleman has helped popularize wrestling in MMA and also is known as the father of “Ground and Pound”. Throughout his career, Coleman has noticed one big change that he told Guy Giles from Betway Insider. He’s noticed that people have come to realize the importance of wrestling and how to wrestle.

He said that back in his time people would get tired of seeing a lot of wrestling but he decided to give it some time and eventually the numbers increased and now people can stop a takedown. Coleman is one of the biggest wrestlers of all time with a silver in the world championship and qualifying for the 1992 Olympics.  

Being an admirer of the sport the wrestler is aware of the negative side of the sport as well and admitted that Ground and Pound wasn’t loved by the public. He said that every sphere of the game was important and if someone could wrestle then the fight would take place on the ground. Fighters still find success in ground wrestling but most of it takes place on feet now.

Aside from this Coleman also spoke about the pay. The fighters are getting enough pay now that they can make this a full-time profession and just train with the help of coaches. He said he didn’t have coaches and would train on his own. The increased professionalism of fighters has however raised questions on their pay that has been the reason behind the rising criticism aimed at president Dana White. Coleman said he respected the guy a lot and wouldn’t blame him for anything because he helped the sport reach heights. 

He said compared to what they were paid back in their days the wrestlers are being paid pretty well. He said that the big thing was celebrity boxing and it was great for boxing. Unlike many people, he doesn’t criticize it and is highly supportive of it. He thinks it’s a great opportunity. He said that Jake and Logan Paul came a long way with all the followers they gathered over the years with hard work and he is proud that they’re trying to be the best wrestlers they can be.

According to Coleman, a person is valued by the number of his followers and he thinks Jake and Logan are worth every single penny of it and that people are also tuning in to it. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if he saw them both switching to MMA because of their wrestler background. It is shocking that even after retiring 11 years ago Coleman’s love for MMA is never-ending and his knowledge about the game is impressive as ever. 

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