‘Market Madness’ is Back With A $10.000 Prize For Grabs

The digital stock voting tournament based on the college basketball’s March Madness competition is here for round two – and it has grown on a scale of 50x. Gav Blaxberg brings new sponsors, followers and an intriguing final prize.

One year ago, Gav Blaxberg, CEO at WOLF Financial, launched the first Market Madness Tournament into the sphere of Twitter and went viral instantly. The tournament launched as a spinoff of March Madness, but instead of college basketball teams, participants voted on stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies via Twitter Poll to send them to the next round.

After five weeks, the winning asset would be crowned, with daily analysis of the different developments. The Twitter investing community was on its toes during this time period, with thousands tuning into the live analysis covering the tournament.

Come 2022, and it’s time again. Just a little different, as in much bigger and much better. The tournament was long spoken about after and gained an impressive following. But the main characters surrounding it have continued to grow theirs too since last year’s final asset was crowned.

Blaxberg’s Twitter account, @WOLF_Financial, has gained over 50,000 new followers since and the CEO is absolutely sure that the larger audience, combined with 5M+ followers from tournament affiliates, will make this a highly inclusive community event.

Sponsors were lining up after the success of the first round and were carefully picked to ensure they represent the size and genuine nature of the new version. Blaxberg has teamed up with popular Finance Twitter accounts @PoundingDaTable & @BullishRippers as co-hosts, and @Stocktwits as a Sponsor, to secure authenticity and virality of the tournament.

Probably a no-brainer for investment enthusiasts, the competition is also popular ground for newbies and those still testing their skills.

Highy Inclusive, With An Exclusive Prize

If you’re looking to sign up for the tournament, entering the competition is very simple-  participants visit marketmadness.coand fill out a bracket with one winning asset. The bracket that receives the most points at the end will win a $10,000 grand prize. One of the major differences to last year’s competition is surely the big prize. One that we already see being even bigger in the next rounds. Additionally, this year NFT’s have been added into the competition, introducing a new and large community to the tournament.

Blaxberg shared his personal tip to gain a little bit of an advantage when it comes to picking your winning horse: think about which influencers and affiliates are backing each asset in Market Madness. In relaying this information to our publication, Blaxberg was indirectly referencing the volatility and unforeseen outcomes a popularity contest like this can create. Of course, the backing affiliate must be balanced with each asset’s general popularity.

I think people have to really dig deep into who is backing each stock, ETF, NFT, and crypto. If you want to get a bit of an edge, you can go to our affiliate section on our website to find our creators and see which assets are talked about most often. I love my affiliates, they’re all fantastic!” To be certain, Gav Blaxberg is truly enthusiastic about the thrill-ride.

He also suggests Market Madness is a great way for beginners to learn about the beauty of investing, and maybe win some money without risking their own.

$10.000 should intrigue a lot more people to actively participate in this year’s tournament. The voting game will be at an all time high with the highly increased number of public interest and interaction in the space of investment. Market Madness will do its name justice, we are sure.

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