Marketing Executive Nigel Lee aka Bezknowstalent is Leveling the Playing Field for the “Little Guys”

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Nigel Lee, aka Bez, is the founder and head marketing executive at “Bez Knows Talent.” Founded in 2016, “Bez Knows Talent” was created to help independent and mainstream artists get their music to the masses. In doing so, they have gotten plenty of artists signed to major labels and most importantly, taken their careers to the next level.

Having been in the industry for more than ten years, Bez knows a thing or two about getting people where they need to be. With his time in the industry, Bez has been able to make a handful of connections that separate his tactics from the competition. In 2017 Bez procured a distribution deal with Universal Music Group to help independent artists get their name in the discussion alongside big-name artists. This has allowed him to secure multiple deals with major record labels for his independent artists.

Helping independent artists land deals that they would never have been able to on their own is one of the most rewarding parts of what he does. Bez truly loves being a part of the process and watching artists grow into the position he knows he can get them to. Make no mistake that in order to get results with Bez, the artist has to put in the work as well. Bez sets the bar high with his work ethic, and he expects the same from every one of his clients.

From managing multiple platinum producers and Grammy-nominated songwriters, Bez’s results speak for themselves. Charting artists on Billboard and iTunes, getting artists signed by major labels, and getting songs placed on TV shows and movies are just a couple of accomplishments that Bez has to his resume. As the year progresses, Bez looks to continue to build his clientele as well as deliver better results for his current clients. With the goal of being one of the top executives in the game within the next five years, pay attention as Bez navigates his way through 2021, and don’t be surprised when you see him at the top.

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