Marketing Expert Ali Ahmed Almohannadi Featured on Qatar TV and AlRayyen TV

Change is constant. The times we are living in are testimony to that. Expectations are being re-shaped as societies and individuals take the deepest dive ever into the rabbit hole. New discoveries are being made every day, new frontiers are being integrated within traditional mindsets where potential is the shining new lighthouse and life, an endless sea of opportunities. Now is the time for everyone, especially marketers. They are thriving and creating a new breed that is daring, challenging, introspective, and teeming with a gazillion ideas to transform the world.

Marketing expert Ali Ahmed Almohannadi is one such game-changer. He was recently featured on Qatar TV and AlRayyen TV for his contributions as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Young, he might be, but he’s not devoid of business wisdom. Let’s hear him out.

Almohannadi was born in Al Khor, Qatar on 12th September 1992. A millennial kid, he grew up with the changing times and was deeply influenced by the power of change. He started out with a mind for medicine but switched gears when he realized he had the gut for business. He’s an alumnus of the University of Sussex where he completed his MSc in marketing.

In his heart, though, he had been a businessman since the tender age of fifteen. Reminiscing the old days, Almohannadi says, “I started working in my uncle’s company when I was 15. It’s when I developed an early interest in management. Working with my uncle helped me gain communication skills and experience that helped later on as I went about building my own business. Soon, I realized my passion for marketing and management and started to help out friends manage their social media accounts and increase their target audience platform.”

Ali “Midas touch” Ahmed, as his friends started to call him saw himself as a businessman with a heart. He says, “Don’t mistake me, I’m all for goals and success but I feel that with success comes responsibility. I have been grateful in my pursuit and I wish to share it with those in need.”

Almohannadi’s charity work and the awards he won from Qatar Charity for volunteering and engaging in community services got him a seat on Qatar TV and AlRayyen TV. Exuding poise, and contentment and the graces which come with well-earned success Ali spoke to millions of viewers, “My passion drove me to excel. It’s what I can depend on when the going gets tough.” Sharing insights from his business ventures he told a riveted audience that, “As the founder of kinfolks, I intended to give my clients something different. I wanted to exceed their expectations which wouldn’t have been possible without knowing their expectations in the first place.” Almohannadi’s  Kinfolks boasts of a shining rotary of clients like Mondarin Hotel, Rotana Hotel, Fact Magazine, and more.

Almohannadi also shared his experience with his beauty brand Venita App that was honored by Oh La La Magazine “for its important contribution and impact in the beauty industry in Qatar for 2 consecutive years 2018 and 2019.” He says, “This made me believe more in the power of change, how it impacts life directly and every day.”

Almohannadi has a strong head on his shoulders and an intuitive grasp on what makes a business tick. And his appearances on TV are testimony to his growing success as a marketer and businessman.

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