Marketing Expert Eilia Zandi Explains the Importance of Social Media Advertising

Eilia Zandi is an expert when it comes to digital marketing. He has been able to successfully scale his clients’ and his own businesses using social media. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his marketing strategies. Here’s what he had to say:

Why Social Media Advertising Is Better Than Traditional

The biggest reason is scalability. When you advertise on social media, you can scale to the moon, and it’s the easiest way to find the right audience to target for your business. Another problem with traditional advertising is that you don’t know your exact return on ad spend and you can’t decide where to advertise due to the lack of split testing in traditional advertising.

Why Most Business Owners Don’t Scale Their Business

Because most people don’t think big enough! They are just happy as long as they pay the bills. They want to stay small and expect the world to know them, which is impossible. If you don’t take risks and try new things to scale your business, your business will eventually die. 

What You Have to Expect When Scaling Your Business

The first thing that happens when scaling is a decrease in your profit margin. However, this is normal, and you shouldn’t not worry about it. The reason you scale your business is because you want money to work for you, not the other way around!

The Best Social Media Platform to Advertise On

It really depends on the business model. However, Facebook ads are by far the best because they are super scalable, and it is the easiest way to find the right audience for your product/service. Sadly, most lose money with Facebook ads.

Why Most People Lose Money With Facebook Advertising

Most people do not see the long term vision! They just quit after losing $20 on ads, and they just assume that social media advertising does not work. The interesting part is that they would not mind handing out flyers for hours if they just make a quick buck. If people could actually learn how to market their product/service by creating a high-converting funnel, making the right ad creative, and targeting the right audience, they could easily turn around their business.

Paying an Agency vs. a DIY Approach

I think, in the beginning, people should do it themselves, but after they are ready to scale their business they should start outsourcing everything, including social media advertising. However, it is necessary for business owners to have a basic knowledge of paid advertising so they can find a reliable agency to work with.

How to Work With Eilia

I currently do not have a course or a mentorship program. However, if you want to 10x your business with the help of my social media marketing agency, Instagram Direct Message or Email is the best way to send over a proposal! 

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