How My Marketing Methods Helped Businesses Generate up to 20x Their Existing Revenue

Discover the truth about modern marketing and how my “simple” strategies will help you put your lead generation on autopilot. Are you trying to scale your business? Do you want to establish yourself as an industry leader? These are goals that often require a bit of work—and marketing.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you read about marketing doesn’t work. A lot of the commonly followed marketing techniques simply won’t provide the results that you need to build or scale your business. I want to show you how effective marketing isn’t about reaching as many people as possible. It’s not about using every social media platform available or spending all your time generating new content.

I’ll explain the blueprint that I’ve used, along with my team at Hype Media, to help hundreds of clients get fast results. The hybrid marketing strategy that I’ve developed works—regardless of your industry, product, or goals. It includes a combination of sales funnels, lead generation, and growth marketing to radically improve results in a matter of months—or even weeks.

Let’s take a closer look at this blueprint and why it works.

The 2 Biggest Marketing Traps That You Need to Avoid

Before showing you how my system can help, you need to understand why the most commonly followed marketing advice often fails. There are two main issues that most often result in lackluster results. First, there’s the belief that you need to reel customers in with a discount or special promotion. The idea is that you present an affordable product or a cheaper price to get the customer in the door and then hope they spend more.

But, that’s an inefficient system – here’s why:

Imagine that you’ve spent $300 on a marketing ad campaign for a $1 product and managed to get 300 new customers. You’ve broken even—other than the time wasted on the campaign. Now, imagine that you spent $300 on an ad campaign for a $10 product and attracted the same number of customers. You’d have $3000 in sales—multiplying your revenue ten times over.

It’s this simple—it costs the same to acquire a new customer, whether you’re selling a $1 product, $10, or $100 product. Don’t waste your time trying to get people in the door with the cheapest offer. This also leads to the second problem: you’re undervaluing your business or products. When you constantly present the lowest price, coupons, and discount offers, you’re telling your prospects that you have a cheap product.

So, what works?

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the most effective marketing strategies are the simplest strategies. They’re not over complicated with the use of every single marketing platform available. If you keep it simple, it’s easier to track your results and hack your growth. This starts with effective lead generation.

Acquiring New Leads Through Psychology and Marketing

Lead generation isn’t about reaching as many people as you can. It’s about reaching the right people and knowing what they want. You want to position yourself to release a product to the right people at the right time. Social media and influencer marketing are useful tools for achieving this. But the perception of your business is just as important.

For example, one of the methods I’ve successfully deployed multiple times is the use of an application model for client acquisition. With an application model, you’re presenting prospects with the opportunity to apply for your services. This creates a sense of exclusiveness that consumers and other businesses crave. People want to believe they’re getting the absolute best services available—whether they’re looking for a security firm or an SEO firm.

The application model works exactly like any other customer acquisition model. The difference is the way that you present your form. Instead of simply presenting a basic contact form, you label the form as an “application” process. This is just one of many psychological “tricks” employed by successful marketers.

But what do you do with the leads you generate? That’s the purpose of a sales funnel.

A Sales Funnel Should Be the Heart of Your Marketing Strategy

Each time you create a paid advertisement or direct people to a specific landing page, you should have a plan for what you’re going to do with the traffic you generate. This is the purpose of a sales funnel. Typically, the sales funnel starts with an advertisement or social media post that directs people to a landing page. The goal of the landing page is to get their email addresses.

You then follow up with an email offering more content, advice, or help. The idea is to keep bringing your prospects back to your funnel. Each time you do so, you’re establishing trust and helping to highlight the reasons why they need your help. Sales funnels can be designed to promote any product or service. I’ve seen clients use sales funnels to grow their retail stores or expand their brand awareness.

While landing pages and email marketing are typically enough to create an effective sales funnel, webinars can also be beneficial. For example, if you offer an in-depth service, a webinar gives you the chance to fully explore the advantages that you bring to the table. You can answer questions and really show how your service or product will help address the needs of your prospects.

The bottom line is that with a sales funnel, you have a system in place for making sure that you don’t waste your lead generation efforts. Though there’s still another aspect of marketing and it’s an important one.

Growth Marketing Helps You Set Realistic Targets

Your sales funnel and lead generation won’t be much help without realistic goals. This is where growth marketing comes in.

The strategies that you use are only half the battle. They are the blueprint that helps you build a foundation. You can use growth marketing  to strengthen that foundation. From there, you can focus on scaling your revenue or the specific metrics that matter most to you. The concept is simple, yet many businesses and entrepreneurs overlook it. You can’t expect to grow a business when your marketing system is flawed. You’ll never get the results you want.

With growth marketing, you don’t make major changes all at once. You keep it simple and choose a couple of areas to focus on. Improving just one key metric can dramatically increase your revenue. This is how I’ve helped businesses  multiply their revenue up to 20 times their previous figures. Let’s say you double your customer retention rate. While that may seem like a major goal, if you put all your efforts into this area, you can get great results instead of trying to fix too many problems at once.

I typically have my clients choose one or two of their biggest issues to work on at a time. By focusing on just one or two key performance indicators, these indicators get your full attention. You don’t move on until you’ve solved the issue. That’s how you grow.

With these tactics, you’re dealing with marketing waste. You’re improving your foundation so that it doesn’t crumble as you attempt to scale your business or establish a consistent revenue base.

You Need to Be Prepared to Succeed

If you’re ready to take the next step and implement some of the strategies discussed, I’d love to help. But you need to be prepared for the success you’ll achieve. You could keep plugging away, using the same old marketing techniques. Though you might not ever achieve your ultimate goals. The truth is that marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated puzzle with no instructions.

Hype Media is ready to work with you to help you reach your goals. Using the same strategies discussed, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs multiply their revenue stream within 18 months or less. These strategies have allowed influencers to reach the top of their industry and further establish their brand. They’ve helped businesses connect with their market base and grow their reach.

It all starts with a thorough business evaluation. I want to look at what you’re doing and whether it’s working. Along with my team at Hype, I’ll dissect every component of your marketing strategy and help you see where there’s room for improvement and how to start using the marketing strategies discussed. We’ll help you put your lead generation on autopilot and convert a greater percentage of these leads into paying customers.

If you want to learn more about how to use these marketing solutions for your business, then I might be able to help. Click here to get started with a free business evaluation!

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