Marlon Arisu Holden Sheds Light on His Creative Process

Everyone lives, but only a few experiences life quite like Marlon Arisu Holden. A fine art photographer by profession, he is an adventurer at heart. Dealing in limited edition artworks, each of which fetches upwards of six figures, Marlon Holden garners collectors from all over the globe. In an exclusive chat with the man himself, we sat down to understand what goes behind creating his every masterpiece.

For over 30 years, the self-taught photographer has run a flourishing fine art business – one of his many endeavors. Marlon Holden’s Fine Art Gallery, located in the dreamy, picturesque downtown Laguna Beach, caters to a premium clientele of tasteful fine art collectors. But what drives the wanderlust explorer is not the millions he makes or the adulation he gets.

Ever since he was a little kid, Marlon Arisu Holden’s parents would take him on adventures. Together, they would createlife-altering memories. That is where the signature Marlon Holden style was born. Becoming one with nature, he would paint vivid pictures with the help of an old camera.

Taking photos is not about calculated precision. It is neitherabout playing by the rules nor taking fake glamor shots that sell.

Instead, to Marlon Holden, a great photograph is simply one that takes you into the scene. It is a window into the moment.”

A talented soul, Marlon has the uncanny ability to capture the intrinsic spirit of life. He will climb mountains and brave harsh elements of nature if it means that at the end of it all, he gets one chance, one moment of realism. That is where his unique gift comes alive. With one good click, his art has the power to transport the viewer straight into that moment itself.

To Holden, Mother Nature is healing. And to his patrons, his artwork is the same.

Often, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of making money and forget lifes true purpose. But life and all its little moments are what drive Marlon Arisu Holden and his relentless, remarkable pursuit of creating art that awakens the soul.

“You don’t just look at Marlon Arisu Holden’s artwork. You experience it,” says one enamored patron.

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