As per Marshall Mosher, VR adventure experiences are great tools for leadership development

Marshall Mosher Says VR Adventure Experiences are Great Tools for Leadership Development

Humans are adventurous by nature. However, there has been a shift in the way we see adventure. For the early man, adventure meant finding ways to keep one safe from predators and to get food. For the modern man, adventure is the antithesis of safety.

It’s the place where safety is put in the backseat, allowing a previously hidden will to take over. This is when magic happens. Vestigo founder Marshall Mosher believes that VR adventures, in simulating the sensations of real adventures, can prove to be great tools for leadership development.

Sharing his definition of a leader, Marshall says, “A leader, in my estimation, is someone willing to take risks, see the hard truths, and rally their team. Few are seldom born with these traits, and still, they need to be nurtured and pushed in the right direction. With VR, we enable individuals and teams to know their fears, look them in the face, and not turn back but march forward.”

His VR adventures are simulated to recreate real emotions of fear and uncertainty, traits that most people are uncomfortable with, yet they must be overcome in the one who aspires to be a leader. Marshal says,

The simulated environment allows people to be on the edge, feel the ensuing apprehension, and gives them a chance to see how they would behave inside the conference rooms when they have to walk down similar, jagged paths. Adventure is a really good way to know what one is made of. As we overcome one hurdle after another, it shows us the extent of our strength. The newfound confidence allows us to take challenges that in the past we might have ignored.

Leadership is an acquired trait as it requires people to overcome their base natures and conduct. If one can learn to enjoy challenges, they can bring their leadership core to life.

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