Mashi Epting Shares 3 Critical Life Lessons From Her Success Journey

Life’s challenges tend to teach and shape us on the journey to success. Victorious people often share their triumph stories, giving others insight into what it takes to achieve success. Mashi Epting has faced many challenges on her journey but always managed to keep moving forward, regardless of setbacks and failed attempts.

She shares three fundamental lessons obtained from her success journey:

Believe in yourself and take the plunge

Most people waste time planning for the right moment to do something or doubting their capabilities. To this, Mashi Epting says, “How much are you willing to bet on yourself? When will you stop wading in the water and jump in? Do you not believe that you are capable of adapting and creating the life you desire? Are you afraid of the pain and discomfort? I’m here to tell you that if you stop contemplating and do it now, you will indeed adapt. You will succeed, and you will help someone else along the way.” She also adds that once you start, your pain and discomfort become strength from which you can draw motivation.

Accept failure but never accept defeat.

Everyone fails at something; it is impossible to be good at everything. However, you should never stop trying to do better, learn something new, and rise back up when you trip and fall. Epting explains that your failures do not define you; the lessons you take from these failures are far more significant. Keep your goal in focus, and don’t let anything make you waver from pushing forward.

Money will never solve your real problems.

Most people begin their journey to success with money on their minds. Epting says this is the wrong mindset because success means more than material wealth and looks different to each person. She says, “Success is like beauty; it lies in the eye of the beholder.” While money is a tool that will get you necessities, it is not the solution to all problems or the end goal.

Mashi Epting is passionate about teaching others to focus on their goals, push forward despite setbacks, and refine their success mindset.

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