Master Lead Generator: An exclusive Interview with Frank Fourie

The last couple of decades have seen entrepreneurs who brought innovative solutions to problems around businesses. Lead generation is one such overwhelming problem every business faces. Intensive efforts have grown in the area of lead generation in recent years.

Frank Fourie is one such enterprising mind who helps people generate leads. In a one-on-one chat with ourEditorial Team, he reveals how he made a foray into the lead generation business.

Team: So, first thing first, when and how did it all begin?

Frank: I wanted to be an accountant. With that plan in my mind, I landed in Hong Kong to gain work experience. That’s when I started interacting with lots of businesses. During my time there, I came across the concept of coaching as a business model and embarked on my first coaching session.

Given my fitness obsession, I had gathered a decent fan following on social media where people would seek out my advice and tips for fitness. Then, I decided to start up my training program as an online business. Slowly but steadily, I began getting clients.

Team: How did you make the transition from training to lead generation?

Frank: While selling the fitness course I quickly realized that I can find clients and win them over practically. I felt super spontaneous striking a conversation with people and having them join my program. Buoyed by the positive responses, I decided to set up a business that would teach people how to get clients for their coaching business.

Team: Tell us how you started? Was that a kind of general advice covering all kinds of coaching business?

Frank: No, given my natural knack, I narrowed it down on the fitness niche to start with.  I began teaching fitness coaches how to set up their online programs and generate leads. Initially, much of the work like teaching and helping with leads was manual for which I charged $1K.

Team: What was your plan to scale up the model?

Frank: Well, not many companies were active on social media at that time. I planned to leverage LinkedIn and Facebook platforms for outbound strategy.  Over time, I structured my content processes and included things like video promotion and customer feedback at a premium price per client.

Team: Do you still focus on the fitness niche or have any plan to extend the niche?

Frank: Oh, well, I have extended already. Just as one way leads to the other, I gradually explored other verticals beyond the fitness industry. Now, we offer a more bespoke service for larger clients who could afford it where my team would handle all of their outreach.

Further, my core team of 9 is strengthening the system by utilizing artificial intelligence to automate the processes and optimize data accuracy rendering better results for our clients.

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