Master Your Body and Life With Aurimas Juodka’s High Performance Coaching.

Aurimas Juodka, popularly known as AJ, is a well-known figure in the High Performance space. He is an educator, speaker and coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to tap into pristine mental and physical condition through his coaching. Today, he coaches his clients through online programs, live retreats and seminars. His clients vouch for his multi-faceted methodologies which have transformed their mental and physical health.

It’s interesting to know that AJ’s interest towards health and fitness started when he himself was going through a bout of serious health conditions. To overcome this, he started to look out for unconventional ways to optimize his failing health instead of relying on traditional methods suggested by the medical professionals. After in-depth research and tireless self-experimentation, he finally cracked the code which allowed him to reverse his health conditions and help others do the same. His transformational strategies were recognized and featured on some of the prominent publications like GQ, Disrupt Magazine, Influencive, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Lifestyle and a lot more.

Health was AJ’s entry point to Human Optimization. He launched his international nutrition consulting business in 2016 and a functional training facility in 2017. His interest in longevity, nutrition and optimum performance has been helping to change many lives globally. Now, AJ’s research also includes optimizing the complex human mind to yield best possible results. AJ has explored the subconscious patterns through hypnosis, EMDR, NLP and behavioral psychology and created a unique Human Optimization Coaching program which relies on a multidisciplinary, Minimal Effective Dose method, addressing Biology, Leadership, Efficiency and Mindset optimization. Aurimas has spent the past decade deepening his knowledge on human optimization and high performance by attending biohacking, anti-aging, alternative medicine, wellness conferences and studying various coaching modalities. Meanwhile, he has been helping people around the world to regain their lost mental and physical vitality.

Aurimas has always been inclined to help as many people as possible to achieve high performance aspirations and with that intention he has launched his online coaching platform, helping hundreds of individuals worldwide to tap into their full potential and achieve lasting transformations.

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