Mastering the Art of Digital Advertising With Marketing Maven Nsenzi Salasini

Everyone wants to build something special, but very few are willing to put in the work. In our social media driven, image-conscious age, it’s easy to give off the appearance of a massive empire and hardwork, while inside the walls, there is no true practice or work being put in. Conquering the world of digital marketing is as arduous, uncharted, and complex as any endeavor one can take on. Not only has Nsenzi Salasini walked the path through one trial after another, he’s grown into the unique position of being one of the best digital marketing and advertising educators for business owners and entrepreneurs in the world.

Enduring difficult circumstances growing up and suffering a few failed business ideas early on, Salasini is the embodiment of persistence and perseverance, combined with resourcefulness and an insatiable dedication to giving his clients & members the necessary tools they need to succeed.

Today, Salasini is widely regarded as one of the top educators in the world, with a significant following of both students and clients. His organization has worked with and helped thousands of business owners learn how to leverage digital advertising and customer acquisition strategies to grow their businesses. He has been recognized by some of the top digital marketing & business publications in the world as one the leading experts on digital strategy and paid advertising.

It’s no secret that a lot of people have struggled to find success building their business with  online marketing.  However, if you are looking to start or grow your business in today’s digital age, marketing online is becoming mandatory. After attending one of his free marketing training sessions, I decided to interview Salasini about his perspective and what it truly takes to become successful within your industry using digital advertising.

Here are Salasini’s top principles for entrepreneurs that are looking to succeed online with digital advertising.

1. Know your target audience.

“The reality is, you can have the best product or service, and even the best ads in the world but if you are presenting your offer to the wrong people or with the wrong message, you will end up wasting a lot of money and you won’t be in business for very long. Make sure you identify your target audience.”

Get a true understanding of your audience’s needs, wants, desires, and challenges. Then craft your message and offer around that. 

2. Give first. Ask second. Always lead with value.

“If someone has never heard of you or your business, then your products & services have zero value to them. It’s kind of like expecting someone to marry you before you’ve even met. There is no value in the relationship.” Salasini says.

He goes on to mention that the best way to approach and advertise to the marketplace is to give your audience something of value first before you make your offer. This allows them to build trust and credibility with you, which leads to a higher chance at purchasing your offer and getting a loyal customer.

3. Boring will run you out of business.

People go online for many reasons. They either want to see their family. learn something new, or watch cute dog videos while they stalk their friends. So you have to be able to cut through the noise and grab people’s attention when advertising online.

“The truth is, no one goes online looking to be advertised to. So boring doesn’t cut it in today’s age. The best way to grab attention is through entertaining or educating your audience. If you can do both, that’s even better. This creates a relationship and familiarity with your business or brand. Get creative with it and you will get the advantage on your competition.”

4. Never stop testing. Keep innovating.

“My key to creating consistent results has been to always innovate and test. Even if you have a successful advertising campaign, you never want to get complacent. When you stop testing, you stop growing.” Salasini explained.

As Nsenzi’s ads have been seen millions of times, he stresses that you always want to be testing new ads, testing new angles, and trying to beat your last successful campaign. 

Always stay a step ahead and never stop testing.

5. Invest in yourself and your skill set before you invest into the market.

“I’ve lost a lot of money and time learning through trial and error. The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is to find someone who has been where you want to be, and learn from them.” Salasini says

“I’m always a student. Even to this day, if I don’t know something, I’ll find someone who does and learn from them. I wish I understood this a lot earlier in my journey.”

His wisdom and experience resonates now more than ever for many emerging entrepreneurs and business owners who are struggling to acquire customers and looking to learn digital advertising as a skill to their advantage. 


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