Mastering the Path to Become a Dynamic Real Estate Entrepreneur – Robert Tuzzo

Robert Tuzzo’s resilience and dedication helped him succeed in the real estate industry.

One must possess toughness and patience to succeed in any company. In the real estate industry, entrepreneurs willing to make a name for themselves have to work exceptionally hard and be diligent. An entrepreneur should give his/her time in the real estate world and strike at a critical time, before then, focusing on studying the market and working on skills is important. Robert is one such visionary, who remained concentrated on his objective, displayed utmost courage in critical pressure and had the courage to take shots at the right point in time, thereby making a name for himself. As the real estate industry has become digitalized, all real estate professionals seeking to expand their business in the new era need a digital presence as well. By now, most clearly understand this, but still find it hard to make the move or find available tools, with large companies conducting business entirely online. Robert had already incorporated different social media and digital marketing tools into many of his other online services, but he was trying to take a move further. With this in mind, Robert gave birth to the concept of Digital Blueprint, an educational platform that would make this change easier by helping practitioners in real estate become more conscious and comfortable with it.

Robert is the proud co-founder of the New York School of Real Estate, a pro bono institution that focuses on delivering quality and productive educational services to the underserved real estate population. In Robert’s experience, the popular educational resources at the time consisted of barebones schooling and enormous conferences that only interacted with surface level, ineffective methods of education. With NY School of Real Estate, he hoped to give back to the underserved real estate community by not just providing a centralized group of information, but also developing classes and programs across the board that would better equip real estate professionals in the field.

Robert and his companies’ participation in Triple Play, one of the world’s biggest real estate conventions, was a significant catalyst of this chosen field of study. In recent years, they have been able to attract new markets with their promotion of unique tools, encouraging thousands of practitioners to gain inspiration in the field of education.

Recently, a test run consisting of a 50-person, 90-day pilot programme was introduced by Robert and his team that would bring hungry professionals into a network stocked with tools to help expand their online presence. Constant, 1 on 1 contact, regular Q and A’s, webinars and interviews with experts in social media and digital marketing, and a number of other tools were offered by the programme.

Rapidly since 2020, Robert’s organisation, while also writing courses for local boards and beyond, has supported over 30,000 real estate  professionals in the state. However, Robert understood that his company had to change due to pandemic limitations and health and safety concerns. The team began seeing immediate success as a transition to on-line training, as hungry customers perceived Robert as the resource to sharpen their tools at home and to keep busy.

Currently, Robert holds the job of Vice President of the Cross

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