Matias Alem and His Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Empire

Swimming pool side of the residential Ascot home.

The South Florida real estate market is so hot right now, there are barely any properties left. At least, that was the case before Matias Alem started building brand new projects left and right for his luxury property clients. From delicate condos overlooking the town to curated waterfront mansions, Alem and his team at BRG International create dream spaces for their clients.

BRG International is a luxury real estate brokerage founded by Alem, a Brazilian broker and architect, who has been celebrated for his innovative development and vision on reimagining existing spaces. What makes this brokerage unique is their multi-faceted approach that allows its clients to essentially visit a one-stop-shop with all the solutions needed for moving to Florida in one place.

The brokerage even has an architectural vertical,, and its own real estate market magazine, BRG Miami Market Report Magazine. The publication offers listings and property reports for real estate agents in the area. Additionally, the brokerage has construction services, property management, and an architectural department all in-house. It sells, builds, and maps out homes, all under one roof.

Alem, hailing from Brazil, started working in real estate when he was 19  years old. He believes in holistic real estate, above-and-beyond service, and offering complete solutions. An ambitious entrepreneur, Alem worked hard to get where he is today. He specializes in ‘aspirational projects’, providing only top-quality and highly prestigious standards for each client.

He founded BRG International in 2011 with the objective of delivering lavish real estate to the luxury market in South Florida with unparalleled service and expert knowledge. Today, the brokerage is one of the leading luxury real estate boutique companies in South Florida!

With the support of their advanced in-house architectural studio, BRG International provides professional expertise, contrasting perspectives for homebuyers deliberating on purchases, or help for sellers to prepare their home to increase sales potential.

BRG International is the real estate brokerage focusing on the quality of life of clients, not just making Florida dreams a reality, but offering comprehensive solutions for the modern investor.

BRG International’s Two Distinct Messages

BRG makes a point of creating custom offerings for its clients, and that includes understanding their differing needs on a macro level. Alem knows that home sellers want exposure so they can sell their home quickly, while home buyers are on a long hunt for the correct property that perfectly suits their needs.

Alem is passionate about both sides, and especially enjoys using his architectural background to do what he calls ‘reimagining’ with his home buying clients.

“I either show my clients what can be done in an existing space or recommend changes,” he said. “If they are hesitant about a home because of a feature that we can easily change, it helps that my team is the same group of people that will be there to execute those changes.”

On the other hand, Alem serves his home selling clients by featuring their properties in the Miami Report and is starting a YouTube series on the different buildings within their markets to create higher exposure opportunities.

“I wanted to offer an all-inclusive service,” said Alem. “We go above and beyond by offering what I call ‘holistic real estate’. By having a menu of comprehensive services, we can ensure that our clients get a five-star experience with less stress. Each entity under BRG communicates and works with one another to create property industry harmony.”

This brokerage really has something for everyone in the Sunshine State, and we can’t wait to see if he branches out to other locales or continues to expand his South Floridian housing empire.

About Matias Alem

Matias Alem is the founder and CEO of BRG International, a Miami based, multidisciplinary luxury Real Estate Brokerage and development company that specializes in high-end real estate. With over 21 years of experience in Real Estate and over 120 million in sales in 2021 alone, BRG International is one of the leading Luxury Real Estate Boutique Companies in South Florida. Click here to discuss how BRG International can help you reimagine real estate. 

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