Matt Tommy Scales Multiple 7+ Offers Once Again

Matt Tommy asks coaches and agency owners continuously if they have a complete no-brainer offer when they sell on their phone. He says that he usually hears , “Ahh…” or “Uhm…” then he replies with, “Thats a big fat no.” Gotcha. So, what would be the ultimate no-brainer offer that would allow their clients to drool like Homer Simpson eating a donut versus having to “think about it” or “do more research.” Generally, Tommy said that a good place to start in addition to that is understanding that your market sounds so simple. However, the little things usually make up the big things and all things contribute to the success of your online digital informational offer.

Michael Jordan was a phenomenal basketball player and he got very good at it is what Tommy calls the “fundamentals.” Three throws, dribbling all the fundamentals—not different from building your high ticket offer. The majority of people in business are way too emotional or in love with their services or offers. Ask them what their market wants, their deep desires, and pain points. A bonus tip: survey these people. So, for example, if you serve online business coaches, ask them what their major challenges are and what is it that they truly desire, how they want their business to look, function, and feel. Deeper is better. Write this down word for word verbatim. Do this 30-40 times. You’ll start to identify patterns and trends. Use this language through your funnel, articles, podcasts, speaking gigs, and sales calls. It shows one that you’re an expert, you understand your clients, and it’s a much easier sell. This is the reason why restaurant workers are the best salespeople as my friend John Whiting says. If the server asks a customer what they wants to eat, they say “pizza.” A few moments later, the server brings them a pizza. The customer is happy. Isn’t this revolutionary?

Hopefully, you guys appreciate the sarcasm and humor. Complexity is the enemy of execution as Tony Robbins says. Keep it simple. Don’t reinvent the wheel and allow the clients to dictate what they want. Perhaps they don’t want to be coached on “organic prospecting,” even though for coaches it’s a huge problem and a desire. They want a full calendar to increase their client base, impact, and income.

But, there is a caveat. It takes a lot of time to do that day in day out and it’s a lot of manual work which can be almost back-breaking! Just kidding… So, maybe you find out they want to automate it (now your offer goes from coaching to providing automation software on the social platforms and a virtual assistant that does it for them,) it’s hands-off. Boom. You did three things: 1.) Now, you’re different from 90% of coaches; 2.) You provide more value to the marketplace; 3.) You solved more of their problems and gave them exactly what you want. 

Go out and start reverse engineering your market’s needs and desires. Then come up with irresistible offers that make their mouth drool with saliva that they flood the floor (slight exaggeration.) Tommy offers this as a consultative partnership for the right offer with growth potential and coaching at business automation growth .

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