Matteo Pittaluga on Having the Right Mindset in Business and Life

Matteo Pittaluga is definitely one of the most interesting mentors you can follow online. Born and raised in Italy, he now lives in Dubai where he is the director and founder of Marketing Genius, one of the largest online business schools in Italy specialized in providing digital marketing training programs.

Pittaluga started out as a waiter for an Italian restaurant in Disneyworld Orlando, then moved to Australia where he was offered a position as Food & Beverage Manager for an Italian well-known restaurant in the heart of Sydney.

Although his life in Australia was pretty good, Pittaluga soon decided to quit his job and follow his dream of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Matteo, you said you had a great position as a manager in Sydney. What was on your mind when you decided to leave?

I was just looking for freedom, I couldn’t handle that type of life and routine anymore. Every day was exactly the same: get up, go to work, come back home, go to sleep and then back to work the day after. After eight months I realized I was not made for this, I needed something more challenging, I needed something that could make me feel alive again.

So, you decided to jump online. How was the beginning of your career as an entrepreneur?

It was a complete disaster. You know, nobody at school teaches you how to run your own business, how to face failure, how to sell products, build your company and all the practical stuff that you need when you want to be self-employed.

So the beginning was pretty bad for me, I joined a few network marketing companies with little results, lost some money in opportunities that went wrong and damaged my reputation… but I believe it’s just part of the game.

There is always a price to pay if you want to be successful, and I was willing to pay it until the day I would change my life.

And then what happened?

I was lucky enough to meet a guy in Spain who was running some events and needed help to promote his boat party in Ibiza. So I took the chance, became his partner and finally I had my first success online! I remember I was launching Facebook Ads in summer 2015 and filling up the boat party with people from Facebook only… And I made my first serious money online.

The year after I launched my first E-commerce with my business partner Fabio Gallerani and other partners and it was another great success. So I can say it took me about 4 years to see the first results from my work but I never gave up and always stayed positive and consistent.

I know you have some mindset secrets and “rituals” that helped you stay positive even in the darkest times. I am very curious about it, can you share something?

Of course I can. The first thing that helped me a lot was isolating myself from the rest of the world and deleting all the poisonous people from my life. I believe the environment is too important and has a huge effect on your mindset so the first tip I would like to share is to eliminate all negative people from your life.

The second thing was changing the way I looked at myself, I mean my self-image. I am a strong believer of quantum physics and I realized from own experience that our thoughts (and feelings) are literally talking to the external world and creating our reality.

So if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you have to start behaving right now as if you were rich and successful. This will create the FEELING in your body that will attract the right ideas and opportunities to become the person you want to be.

All you have to do is to hold that feeling and keep that thought in your mind long enough in order for reality to go back to you and deliver what you chose to receive.

Also I have one more tip to share: learn to embrace failure because you will see it more often than anything else. I always say that the only mistake is not to learn from your mistakes and I made it my mantra.

Are you still using those strategies? Do you have a daily routine or something you do every day for your mindset?

Absolutely. Here I have my own list of the 2-3 major goals I have in the 4 main areas of my life (career, health, relationships and personal growth) and every day I take at least one minute to visualize everything I want to accomplish as if it already happened. This is the most powerful ritual I can share with my students.

Then, never forget to take massive action because that is the bridge between mind and reality.

I have been using this list for the past 10 years and I can say that each and every single thing that I had in that list and I wanted to accomplish eventually happened. All you need to do is to keep having that feeling and act, talk and live as if it already happened in your life and everything will manifest when it’s the right moment for you to experience it.

It sounds like you are really spiritual but also pragmatic at the same time.

Exactly, that is the right formula in my opinion. Every entrepreneur has to be spiritual but also very practical at the same time, this is the new breed of entrepreneurs destined to help other people and make the world a better place.

What are your next goals and projects?

I really want to make an impact on millions of people and digital marketing is the tool that allows me to fulfill my mission. My goal is to provide the best trainings for my students so they can take their revenge against all those people who did not believe in them and tried to stop them. This is my story, and after I had my success I want to help others do the same.

Thank you Matteo, it was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your story, I believe many people will take inspiration from your words and will keep fighting for their dreams. We wish you all the best for your future projects and the best of luck for your students as well.

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