Matthew Signer Explains What Makes Filmmaking a Work of Art

Matthew Signer was the top executive and Executive Vice President of Production at Dimension Films. He has been a part of popular movies and TV series, such as The Perfect Date, Scream 4, 1408, Paddington, Spy Kids Mission Critical, The Mist, and Scream The TV Series. He specializes in producing and developing franchise-focused entertainment and arthouse and commercial movies. 

Matt’s passion for filmmaking

According to Matt, “Filmmaking is nothing without an idea. Whether you are making an animated series or a superhero movie, it’s the idea that remains with your audience. I have been part of the film industry for nearly two decades now and have seen both successes and failures. The primary difference between the two is often that idea.”

Matt feels that converting that idea to a script is the next crucial stage of the process. It then becomes the blueprint for the filmmaker to do what they do best. The film may not be written by the director but that script is critically important to their process in converting that idea to a great film. 

Matt’s Process

Matt believes that the scriptwriter and the filmmaker should be on the same page in the first place. “I have had lengthy discussions with directors about the type of films they want to make. They explain clearly their vision and what they expect from the script so everyone is on the same page.”

One reason why scriptwriting is so crucial is that it often decides the film’s star cast. The director and/or studio approaches his preferred actors once the script is written hoping to land the stars that will turn the film into a great success. In this situation, the screenplay and the director are the determining factors. 

Raising funds for a movie is equally challenging. You have to convince investors or studios about the film’s potential. The entire process is challenging but gratifying. And maybe that’s why filmmaking is a work of art. No one sees the hard work that goes behind the scenes. But the ones that work tirelessly for the love of a film know what it takes to get a movie made.

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