Matthias Nezzar: International Business Coach and Sales Expert

Businesses, especially at the time of their initiation, almost always stand on the very slippery slopes of risk and uncertainty. Matthias Nezzar is a world renowned business coach who has guided hundreds and thousands of small business owners and led them to monetize their skills, knowledge and experience by giving them expert, adequately researched and tried and tested instructions and information on selling, marketing, growth and business development.

Matthias Nezzar worked in a sports club during his early days as a salesperson. With almost no professional training and education on selling, Matthias managed to make almost twice the amount of sales other trained sales executives were making. His duration at the sports club is of deep importance because only by putting himself out there did Matthias realize what he was actually good at.

He says, “If I hadn’t taken the decision of getting a job at the sports club, I would never ever be here. I believe the world is a domino effect. One thing leads to another. But for that, the first domino, in my case the sports club, needs to be touched. That is why, I always encourage young people to do as many things as they can. Who knows what job will suddenly align with your passion”?

After making yet another important decision of working independently, Matthias met David Michigan through a Facebook advertisement. David is an internationally successful businessman and conversion sales specialist. They partnered and came up with the phenomenal idea of a Hybrid Coaching Model. In today’s date, thousands of sports coaches and teachers use Matthias’ and David’s model to coach an increased number of people, sell equipment and earn more revenue than before.

The Hybrid Coaching Model is a very simple but extremely impactful business model which enables teachers, coaches, tutors and instructors around the world to market their skills and products and then work online as well as locally. Online, they’ll be given exposure to an international market and willing learners who are interested in their product.

And locally, they can teach students at their own convenience. Under the model, coaches can monetize their skills and products justifiably and find buyers all the time. Matthias Nezzar and David Michigan also engage with the coaches and train them individually by giving them marketing and selling techniques tailored to their requirements.

Matthias Nezzar has become a recognized and trusted sales specialist and business coach who has given quantifiable results to every entrepreneur he has guided.

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