How Maxwell Billieon Became the Million Dollar Dad

Being known is something entrepreneurs dream of. To be able to have a platform to tell your story and share your expertise with the world is the greatest achievement your vision can bring you.

This is exactly what Maxwell Billieon has done with his life. Not only is he an entertainment executive, best selling author, socio-political talk radio host, political attache, #MillionDollarDad, and television personality from “Million Dollar Matchmaker” on the WE network, he is also the CEO of The Billieon Group, a family venture capital company.

Among all of his achievements, Maxwell Billieon doesn’t want to be known for achieving greatness in these areas, he wants to be known as the world’s greatest Father. We can learn a lot from his story. Let’s take a closer look.

What it means to be different

Being a businessman, he has ventured across the world. He learned how to make his business successful and stand out from the crowd by being predominately different from other businesses like his.

His company, The Billieon Group (TBG) is a family conglomerate of multiple businesses under one umbrella. It specializes in family owned venture and equity partnerships. The goal of this company is to modernize the business landscape through “Intelligent Capitalism”. This means investing in ventures that aide and protect future generations. Unlike most venture capitalists who focus on profits.

Maxwell took an area of venture capitalism, along with some creativity, and created a way to help capitalize on future profits based on the generations to come. Maxwell truly believes in generational wealth.

Differences are key to creating a business which will stand out and become noticed by your audience and the people who will one day savor your expertise.

The Making of The Man

As a child, Maxwell had a father figure who took pride in his appearance. He took this urging from his father and grabbed his sense of style which still makes an impact on other people today.

As television personality of The Million Dollar Matchmaker, Maxwell is the first African American male on the cast. He sees this as a way to teach people how to be multicultural in their thinking.

As a radio show host he has been given the moniker “The Voice of Generation X” for his ability to boisterously mold and impact the lives of the next generation on his radio show, “Mornings with Maxwell”.

Maxwell began seizing opportunities as a child under the tutelage of his family members who saw community activism as a way to make a difference in the world we live in today. The man we all know now is many years in the making, coupled with hard times and married to difficult situations. They all shaped who he is now, which is an advocate and the go-to socio-political influencer of our day.

Passing along the Billieon pedigree to his son, they now have television and broadcasting productions coming in 2018 and a lifestyle brand called “Sir & Son” with luxury accessories for men and boys; and, with his family lineage steep in politics, we may see the Billieon name soon in the U.S. Congress or Senate!

The Expertise

As you might have guessed by now, Maxwell Billieon is a man of many talents. However, one that connects all of this together is his uncanny ability to connect to, and build relationships across multiple cultures. In a sense, he is a true leader at connecting people to modern ideals which can change their lives for the better.

You already know people are tough to change. Once you get someone into a routine, it’s tough to get them out of it. Heck, my parents are still using Internet Explorer for crying out loud. But the point is still made. People hate change. However, Maxwell helps people to diversify their lifestyle.

Any great influencer or entrepreneur should be great at doing this. Maxwell calls it “Leadership skills”. Anyone can claim to be a boss, but it takes a true leader to know how to build people up to their potential.

Hes building a better lifestyle for those that follow his leadership. Maxwell’s business ventures are developing better living sites, renewable energy, lifestyle accessories, multi-media projects and even a cell phone app to connect people in a more personal manner than ever before…and if your parents are still using Internet Explorer, maybe we can set up a personal call.

In Conclusion

If you want to replicate the business model or even the life of Maxwell Billieon you’ve got to be able to do one thing perfectly.

Respect your legacy, your heritage, and your pedigree. Be excited about opportunities coming your way. Use your experiences and failures as tools to help you bridge the gap to success. There’s nothing that can stop you if you keep moving forward with your life and your business.

Forget what everyone else is doing and focus on you. Learn to invest in yourself by honoring your gut instincts about your business.

Maxwell says, If you want to create more knowledge, get an “accountability partner,” someone who will always hold you to your commitments, work at least 10% of the time for yourself. You spend 40 hours a week working to make someone else successful, the least you can do is dedicate 10% of that time to working toward your own successes.

You should also put your 3 “P’s” in a row: Personal, Professional, and Political. These ideals must align in order for you to have success. When your life is out of sorts, you will find one of your ideals are out of line.

There are many ways you can make an investment which will pay off in the long run…just like Maxwell.

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