Mayank Empowers Young Minds to Become Powerful Leaders

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Mayank Soni, a Civil Engineer turned Digital Creator is paving the way to be the much sought after influencer in the market. He is one of the leading Business Influencer, Speaker, Thought Leader, Coach, Sales & Negotiation Expert, and CEO of Jyoti Cement Art, Raipur (C.G.)

Mayank Soni is a 25 year old Entrepreneur, having an extraordinary experience of more than 3 years in the field of business.
Along with pursuing MBA from Amity University Noida, he is updating himself as the core team member and Business Consultant at Vivek Bindra Team( Bada Business).

He has also been seen with Top World Entrepreneurs of the World and praised by Great leaders and influencers like Sorav Jain, Geetika Saigal, Saurabh Bhatnagar, Rahul Bhatnagar, Bhupendra Singh Rathore.

Mayank says, “If we want to succeed in the internet & online media industry then we have to learn and implement those sales & negotiating techniques practically. Getting certificates is not enough to make a career in this field. You have to start running campaigns practically on social media and google’s platforms.”

Further he also added that, he will soon start his consulting service for various industries & conventional businesses like Saloons, Hotels, Gyms, Restaurants, Business Owners etc.

Mayank has a vision to align with the communities such as Jain Community, Vaish Community etc. of the society with a perception to create an awareness and mapping them with the changing facets of business. He aims to bring out these business communities from the traditional mindset and welcome the opportunities whole heartedly.

The pandemic has hit the world badly and people around the globe have realised the
importance of digital marketing. This is the digital revolution, which has changed marketing terms and left its presence in an untapped market. Mayank feels that the time is ripe for the evolving digital era. It is important that we must change the way of working.

The focus nowadays is social media platforms but what is to be placed and how much is still needs to be evaluated. The influence of social media is increasing tremendously and for this its vital to understand the correct usage of social media. As the digital creator, Mayank has wide variety of content available on his social handles which guide the people to use social media wisely.

India is the world’s second-largest social media market, with around 350 million active users. Digital Marketing refers to the part of marketing that promotes products and services through the use of online-based technology.

Mayank elaborates that we need to change our work mode by taking our businesses from offline to online because we need to understand product life cycle and how the world is changing.

Blockbuster – OTT Platform (Netflix), Restaurant – Online Food Delivery, Ration Shop -E-commerce website,

Electricity – Solar are some of the examples of product life cycles.

It’s quite significant to know the questions which require your attention.

Have you ever thought about why we are not successful?

Mr. Soni emphasizes that we always do negative self-talk with ourselves and we need to change our mindset then everything changes around us. This is what we need to understand. We are listening to people who do not support us, we are not being surrounded by people who push us to achieve more. Everything is important, everything can be done, we just need to get rid of our own excuses which we are giving to our own mind.

Even if we are confused, we have to take action and don’t try to control what is beyond our control. We need not to worry what other people will say because we will only be criticized by the people who are doing less than us.

He further adds, “It’s important to keep our circle super limited, because we don’t want that drama to be a part of our life. It isn’t worth it. People don’t care. That person has no time to think about you, so why worry about them.”

People often ask Mayank about the solutions to the problems being faced by them. To these
solutions he often comments that we should write the names of all the people who don’t deserve to be there in our life because focus matters a lot, it actually matters a lot.

The biggest problem with people is the people don’t accept that “We are lacking somewhere
and we need to bring change in our life. If we are not successful it is because of the work we
have not done or done that work in the wrong manner, it is because of the society. I keep myself surrounded with the massive mistake “I know it all”.

His success mantra is “Never apologize for being who you are and never be afraid to hear the word ‘No’ in your life.”

Talking about the biggest learning in life as a professional he shares, “Confidence has no
competition because there are enough people who are doubting you already, don’t be one of
them and you need to wear your confidence very well”. It helps me in facing tough challenges of the day with a smile on my face.

He insists to focus on these four psychological facts

1) No skill set + Wrong mindset = Will never succeed
2) Right skill set + Wrong mindset = Will be frustrated
3) No skill set + Right mindset = Will succeed sooner
4) Right skill set + Right mindset + Action = Will definitely succeed

Thus, it’s super awesome situation when a person with skills and right mindset takes up the charge of his actions as its the action that paves the way to success in one’s life. To succeed we need to focus where efforts are taking us and how much we need to keep ourselves updated with changing scenarios. The world has taught us to survive even when we have no one else to support as the best support comes from within.

The ultimate help comes from the willing to take up the charge of our life and keep our goals alive each passing day.

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