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Mazi VS, A.K.A. SBK, Landed a Massive Betting Victory in November and Is Looking to Find Equal Success Through Rap

Mazi VK is an ex-Vegas bettor turned Hip Hop star.

Now two full months into the 2020 NFL season, one of the most hyped games of the year was the week nine gunslinger battle that features Drew Brees and the Saints visiting Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady, who is now under center for the Buccaneers after winning a fistful of Super Bowls with the New England Patriots. While everyone was looking forward to what could have been one of the most enthralling games of the season, the Saints showed no weaknesses whatsoever and demolished the Buccaneers in a 38-3 victory. The victory was quite an unexpected outcome for the Saints, Buccaneers, and many fantasy owners, but perhaps the biggest winner that night was one Las Vegas bettor.

Mazi VS has been betting on professional sports for quite some time now, and he has recently been testing the waters of the rap industry. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, the bettor turned rapper spent lots of time dissecting and mastering the skill of betting. He does not leave his bets up to chance, but rather makes extremely calculated and conscious decisions every morning on the day’s events. Years and years of successful betting has given Mazi VS the reputation of SBK, or the Sports Betting King, and he is now sought after for betting advice on the daily. His legacy was only cemented when he placed a $500,000 bet on the Saints onslaught of Tampa bay that netted him a comfortable $750,000 return.

Mazi shared that he initially started considering pursuing a career in music from his time spent in Las Vegas “just hanging around rappers and being in the studio all the time.” While the content of his focuses on living his best life, the songs seem to basically write themselves based on the luxury lifestyle Mazi VS has built for himself. In June of this year, the Las Vegas-based rapper released his first official project, For the Hell of It – EP. The project is full of hard-hitting verses where Mazi VS flexes his lifestyle and bank account. With the capital he has with his recent win, Mazi VS is back in the studio working on projects to be released in the coming year.

Although he is turning some of his focus towards his music, most of Mazi’s energy is still being poured into his day-to-day bets. The knowledge and skillset Mazi VS has built his career upon has launched him to the top of the betting world. In the midst of building a bettor’s empire around himself, the Sports Betting King offers packages that allow everyday people to invest in the bets he places and ride the tail of possibly the most successful sports bettor at work right now.

To learn more about Mazi VS, aka SBK, follow him on Instagram and check out his website. Check out his musical endeavors on his Spotify page, as well.

Christian Anderson

Written by Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson (also known as the artist Trust'N) is a force in the world of Marketing and PR. After marketing his own hip/hop album "Lapse" to #12 in the world on the iTunes charts, he decided to offer his services to help artists and entrepreneurs as well. As an entrepreneur, Christian was exposed to the field of Public Relations while gathering press for his new releases. After acting as his own manager, he was able to produce impeccable results, getting posted on some of the world's biggest media outlets. Christian took that experience and started working as a freelance PR for other artists & entrepreneurs with the desire to provide them with the same successful results. After impressing the CEO of Bentley Records in NYC, he was offered the position of Executive Director of Public Relations, being the youngest ever to be given the opportunity. Driven by his success, large connection base, and drive to win as an artist & entrepreneur he founded Lost Boy Entertainment, LLC. to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses the same services he had to scratch and claw to find himself. Being the founder and original Lost Boy, Christian serves as the company’s President. He is an artist, motivator, leader, businessman, and entrepreneur leading Lost Boy Entertainment into the future. At the young age of 22, he is currently making major contributions to help musicians, artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs flourish in the global economy.

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