MC Bravado Recruits Marat Leon for 4AM Remix

Baltimore’s MC Bravado has a work ethic that’s becoming the stuff of legend. The calculated and tireless wordsmith just dropped a BANGER of a summer anthem alongside three-time collaborator Marat Leon. This time, the pair brings you “4AM (Marat Leon Remix) a Corona in hand retooling to one of MC Bravado’s most popular songs off of his latest album: “The Living Game.” The track features Washington DC’s Angela Faith who has chops for days and really helps to elevate the record alongside the aforementioned frequent collaborators.

MC Bravado ft. Angela Faith – 4AM (MARAT LEON REMIX)

Leon is a workhorse in his own right. He’s a producer, a DJ, and an actor, and will take you to school in the gym while training you in combat sports to boot. He’s received support from the likes of Avicii and The Chainsmokers while performing at some of the most legendary venues in the country (Pacha NYC, Exchange LA, and Fur Nightclub among them).

Bravado has seen many a stage as well, from the entirety of the final cross-country installation of Warped Tour (2018) to SXSW to A3C, the Chuck D and Statik Selektah co-signed bard is dropping nothing but gems at this point in his career. It’s been dope to watch the meteoric progress ensue while observing how deeply rooted in work it is.

Brav told us “I look forward to working with Marat Leon because I know the effort I put forth will be matched, if not exceeded by him. A lot of times, people expect this lofty endgame without being ready or willing to lay the groundwork and deal with the seemingly innumerable roadblocks.

With Marat, I have someone willing to get in the trenches with me and continue to push forward. I also know the quality of the record will be immaculate because he leaves no stone unturned.”

Leon says “I started focusing on remixing really cool tracks like Bravado’s 4AM. I figured it’s a fun concept and would relate to a lot of audiences and was a great way at the time to get heard and gain traction in the dance music industry. I’ve always loved a wide variety of music, and that led me towards really honing in on originals so I can really try to express my passion for genre diversity through dance music.”

Marat continues to say “Recently, I had a focus on not just combining genres but also languages where I’ve had multiple Russian/English crossover projects that I’ve put out. I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue music with a passion and hopefully bigger shows come back because there’s nothing like the feeling of an energetic crowd connecting with you performing.”

MC Bravado, a band worth of energy on stage, echoes the sentiment in saying “Live performances were the most cathartic thing in my life. It’s indeed the ultimate means of connecting with others and something I miss dearly. With that said, I’ve continued to work on my live show throughout all things Covid and plan on being back with a new experience for my fans.”

This remix of “4AM” stands as my favorite collaboration between the pair. Everything about it screams radio and club readiness, so I’m hoping to see it make its rounds this summer and beyond. MC B has never sounded smoother, and it’s a testament to Leon’s skill set that he can reinvent what was already great into something equally great but entirely its own. I am among the growing list that thinks these two should put together a full-length project filled with remixes and originals alike. They both seem to be operating at the peak of their powers and the chemistry and mutual understanding is evident.

A reworking of Bravado’s razor-sharp (but also hilarious) “Yeah Baby” would be close to the top of my list. It’s just rare that this caliber of lyricism can be so seamlessly integrated into a poppier more danceable realm, but they are very much sticking the landing with this one. I think if things break right that they could be on to something major, which continues to be exceedingly impressive considering the independent nature of everything they do.

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