McCandless Group on a Roll: The Ultimate Exclusive Content Platform for Models and Influencers Worldwide

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most businesses have switched to digital platforms in the year 2020. While many continue to acquire their business online, the multi-talented entrepreneur Nick McCandless has successfully transformed many of them. The long list involves businesses ranging from mid-sized start-ups to big Fortune 500 companies.

McCandless’ latest venture, McCandless Group, has already transformed the lives of many models and influencers. Being the curious and observant entrepreneur, Nick realized that the social media platforms that models and influencers were using did not account for several critical components that make a significant difference when it comes to building up substantial income and doing so with longevity.

McCandless wanted to bridge that gap. He immediately reached out to his connections in the social influencer industry and brought many onboard to test his theory. After discovering immediate success with his vision, McCandless started signing up several models and influencers worldwide with high engagement and substantial followings. Soon after beginning this venture, he managed to produce a business generating tens of millions of dollars annually for models and influencers with incredible success stories.

McCandless believes that instead of relying on popular social media platforms, models should build equity value in their brand with something that is an asset to them. This establishes their name/brand and gives them more ownership and control over their destiny. McCandless Group is focused on providing exclusive content platforms to models and influencers who want to grow their earning potential and live a life far exceeding their wildest dreams. Laced with high-end technology, an intuitive user experience, and data science powering statistically effective advancements, the platforms are designed and built to succeed. McCandless Group believes in working with the models and influencers as their true partner and not just another client.

For McCandless, McCandless Group is not just a business, but also the powerhouse of success stories of innumerable models and influencers worldwide. His passion, determination, proven results, and years of entrepreneurial experience make him the industry leader and go-to for models and influencers globally.

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