Md. Mahtab Alam: A Messiah for the Common man During Covid-19 Pandemic

Md. Mahtab Alam, a member of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) has emerged out to be a messiah for common man amid the Covid-19 crisis. He has been doing a notable philanthropy work to provide support to those in need. He is a constant voice for people who are not receiving adequate treatment as the country is battling second wave of Covid-19.

Md. Mahtab Alam also heavily criticized the political parties conducting election rallies and gathering huge crowd making social distancing a joke and putting millions of lives in danger.

Last year, he had helped thousands of daily wagers by providing them food during the nationwide lockdown. He also arranged for the transportation of migrant workers who were stranded in other states like Gujarat and Telangana.

Social and political activist Md. Mahtab Alam hails from Siwan and currently resides in Patna. He actively raises his voice of social issues. In the past, he talked about the importance of women safety and empowerment.

The residents of Patna recognize him as a youth leader who has dedicated his life for the betterment of people. His philanthropic work has gained him people’s respect along with the expectations that he would continue his good work as a politician and social worker.

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