MD Tanvir Alam, Founder and CEO of 2theworld Which Is an Emerging Exporting Company of Bangladesh

Digital marketing value is growing day by day in Asian countries. Southeast Asian countries are agreeing with digital marketing’s power. Many business people are changing their business methods by transforming traditional marketing to digital marketing.

One of Bangladesh’s Leading Entrepreneur Digital marketers thriving in digital marketing, showing the value and power of digital marketing by helping brands grow quicker in this competitive era. We are writing about the Ace Entrepreneur of Bangladesh, MD Tanvir Alam. Jack of digital marketing in Bangladesh helping Bangladeshi businesspeople and products market at the global level.

Who is MD Tanvir Alam?

This young talented under 25 Entrepreneur of Bangladesh and best digital marketing expert of Bangladesh is a master of many things and a PhD student of a famous university in Germany. He’s the Founder & CEO of 2TheWorld Company which isn’t only focusing on making money, but helping local businesses turn and grow in online with his expert marketing strategies.

MD Tanvir Alam was born on 1st October 1997, graduated with honours from the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh, and now continuing his PhD at the University of Göttingen in Germany. Tanvir comes in few Bangladeshi students who got the rare scholarship from his country to study in Germany.

Among all the students, he is the youngest one who got the scholarship at the age of 24 years for PhD program. So you can say he learned a personality who loves to explore new things other than his studies. Nowadays it’s really rare to see who’s managing studies and entrepreneurship at the same time. But seems, it’s not hard for this prolific entrepreneur Tanvir.

TheWorld top Digital Marketing Agency of Bangladesh

MD Tanvir Alam is modernising his knowledge every day in digital marketing and doing an excellent job for his clients. Today, his company 2TheWorld is rated as one of Bangladesh’s best Digital marketing agencies, which provides A to Z Digital marketing services in Bangladesh and overseas.

Helping Brands grow faster in 2021

His motive is to help offline local Bangladeshi business owners to introduce their products on a global platform. He collects traditional product samples and famous local products From all over the country, introduces them to the world market online, and exports it.

With the potential MD Tanvir Alam has in digital marketing, we are sure he will give new heights to Bangladeshi business owners with his 2TheWorld digital marketing agency.

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