Media known Entrepreneur Matthius Hanna Talks About Optimizing Marketing Strategies

Matthius Hanna’s roots were in financial sales. In 2015, Matthius Hanna marketed his own products in the field of coaching and developed his expertise in online marketing in this context. Since then, he has successfully transformed strategies from offline sales into the online world.

Matthius Hanna became particularly well known through his “100 Days Challenge” on the topic of comfort zone and courage. Today, with his several enterprises, Matthius Hanna successfully builds up companies for his clients in the field of coaching and marketing and solves their problems in customer acquisition.

Who wants to sell his products well, needs the right strategies in marketing and should also be courageous, as Matthius Hanna reveals in detail in this article. The author is an expert in marketing and, as a trainer, is always happy to share his in-depth knowledge to bring great benefits to his customers.

Anyone who wants to market their company or product on the Internet or in social media these days, needs more than just an ordinary web page or ordinary marketing campaign. The reason is simply that normal websites are way too boring. However, many companies are not really aware of this fact. They simply carry on as before.

Matthius Hanna’s PR and marketing concept is based on transferring his personal experience into business. Because just as Matthius courageously approached his fellow human beings as part of his “100 Days Challenge,” companies today must also demonstrate courageous behavior in order to be successful.

You could almost say that the more boldly a marketing concept is laid out, the better it works. If you should ever meet Matthius in person, he will be happy to tell you more details from his life story and will also be able to explain exactly what he has learned from it for dealing with other people.

After all, even when it comes to business, it is always people who are behind entrepreneurial decisions. And these decisions are often under a certain amount of pressure. But it is precisely this pressure that must be endured, because only those who remain calm in the pressure situation can keep a cool head. This is one of the most important lessons Matthius learned from his 100-Day Challenge.

During his 100-day rejection journey, Matthius was able to learn that you can train your courage gradually. Just as you build your muscles in the gym, you can also build and strengthen your courage muscle with ten minutes of training every day. If you don’t reject yourself, no one else can reject you.

This is an extremely important mindset that Matthius learned to adopt. That is, a rejection is just an opinion that someone has of you. If you limit yourself and say, this won’t work anyway, to ask something strange from your counterpart, then that’s your opinion. But reality shows us that everyone has a different opinion, and thus the craziest things can come about if you are open and willing to ask for it.

Matthius’ special PR and marketing concept builds precisely on this experience. It realizes on the business level the experience Matthius has gained in the interpersonal sphere.

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