Meditation Not Working? 5 Easy Hacks to Relax the Mind

Like many business professionals, my days are long and fast-paced. I wouldn’t have it any other way as I love the competition and being able to play to my advantages.

However, there comes a time when you need to push the reset button and relax your mind so you can come back recharged and refreshed.

I’ve read countless books which showcase the power of meditation. If you’ve read anything by Tim Ferris, more particularly Tools of Titans, you’ll notice there’s a common link between meditation and peak performance.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and that’s been the biggest challenge for me when it comes to meditating without distractions, interruptions, or new business ideas which always pop into my head. I stuck with a meditation routine for a short time earlier this year before I became frustrated with the process of sitting on the floor in silence.

The hacks below can be utilized by anyone looking to gain an edge with respect to calming the mind and especially for individuals experiencing challenges with meditation where the process doesn’t flow or come naturally.

#1 Sensory Deprivation Tanks

This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s effective as it forces you into a meditative state where you can just go with it after letting your mind and body disconnect. If you search for locations in your area you should be able to find a sensory deprivation spa within driving distance. An hour floating in the tank can be terrifying at first, but once you open yourself to the experience it will be enjoyable.

#2 Olfactory Anchoring

I learned this trick from Jordan Belfort in his latest book Way Of The Wolf where he detailed the power of olfactory anchoring. When I’m stressed, need a quick recharge, or want to prime my mind before pushing forward, I’ve been reaching for Boom Boom to calm my mind, improve my mood, and experience a jolt of energy. It’s like a micro-dose of meditation where I can close my eyes, inhale a calming blend of essential oils, bring awareness to my senses, and experience a revitalizing moment whenever I choose.

#3 Cryotherapy

Like sensory deprivation tanks, you’ll have to search for a cryotherapy location in your area. There are many physical benefits your body experiences when exposed to cold temperatures for a short duration of time. However, there are also many mental benefits you’ll experience such as elevated mood, heightened alertness, and reduced stress. As you experience extremes in cold temperatures, positive psychological changes happen as a result of blood vessels constricting and blood moving away from the limbs toward vital organs as a survival mechanism. The end result will leave you less stressed and more relaxed with a heightened sense of awareness.

#4 Sleep & Exercise

While sleep and exercise shouldn’t be a replacement for activities which offer different perspectives and variety for the mind, body, and spirit, the same physical and psychological benefits you’re likely to obtain from meditation can be found through improving the quality of your sleep and exercising regularly. Hopefully, this shouldn’t be new information for you and should serve as a reminder.

#5  Hypnosis Therapy

While I’ve struggled to meditate in silence on my own terms, falling into a hypnotic state comes incredibly easy for me. In 2009, at a particularly low-point in my life, I stumbled upon an MP3 someone shared on Warrior Forum by the hypnotist Steve Meade. The 30 minute audio guided me into a state of deep relaxation before entering hypnosis where Steve Meade shared a series of positive affirmations specific to my success as an Internet marketer. After listening to that hypnosis audio hundreds of times over the next 8 years, the visions created in my mind crystalized and have become realities. Hypnosis is incredibly powerful, and the more specific the programming is to your goals, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve dramatic results.

I hope the items above serve you well in your journey through business and life. If meditation comes easy, these 5 hacks should amplify the positive results you’re already experiencing taking your mind, body, and spirit to new levels.

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