Meet a Multi-Faceted Professional Helping Solve Many Issues on the Social Media Realm: Riccardo Lonzo.

We often have not realized that many social media networking sites require more protection under the laws than the users who use the platform. Many national and international laws and regulations are implied to these social networking sites. Not abiding by these regulations can attract huge consequences and issues for the firms which can cause lot of trouble to the owners.

The content shared on social media can attract infringement, or copyright issue,s or issues pertaining to a trademark or intellectual property rights. Today these social media firms, as well as individual who is famous on social media, have to be on their toes always to keep them safe from many such conflicts and disputes that can arise from the outside world. In such events, one needs the expert opinion and service of a social media lawyer who can defend his clients that are accused of crime, defamation or any other issue.

Let’s meet one such amazing professional who has made the lives of many clients easy through his discrete offering and services to protect them from social media laws and regulations- Riccardo Lonzo.

Riccardo Lonzo is an Italian social network lawyer and expert who has made a special name for himself in the domain of social media law. His work ethos and highest standards of professionalism has propelled him to cater to the cream of the crowd in Italy and other parts of the world.

Some of his clientele includes world-famous TikTok Star Khaby Lame” and also many big multi-national companies. He is also the managing partner of an important boutique law firm in northern Italy. Helping many companies build and protect their brand reputation on the social media realm, Riccardo has excelled in his service offering and has been the numero uno choice for many other esteemed clients as well. 

Riccardo Lonzo is also passionate about writing. He is a world-famous author of many books which are best sellers. His recent best-seller book has been “Right to Oblivion” which has done huge business across the world. Some of his other notable books include- Facebook law, Google law, Right to be forgotten.

Riccardo teaches social law at the university and has helped many upcoming students master the art and subject of law. He has very active collaborations with Italian universities such as IULM and LUM. 

With an objective of helping many clients help resolve conflicts and disputes over social media and also imparting the right knowledge to youngsters, Riccardo has come a long way in life and we hope he continues his inspirational journey to motivate millions around the globe.  

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