Meet Advait Kelkar Who Breaks Down Barriers in Fashion Industry.

Advait Kelkar is an Indian model who was born in Pune on September 4th, 1998. He went to school in Pune and graduated from Pune University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is going to pursue an MS degree at Virginia Tech University.

He used to model during his college years and competed in numerous fashion shows. During that he found that everybody complimented him on how he looked on the runway and how he carried himself. Modeling, to him, is a form of artistic expression in which you beautifully portray someone’s creation. That gives him a lot of hope! He first auditioned for Central, which is a primary sponsoring company. A model’s primary asset is his or her appearance, which he or she takes very seriously.

“When it comes to my appearance, I groom myself regularly as it is the most important thing if you are a model. To stay fit, I go to the gym daily and eat a specific diet,” Advait says. He worked with Lee Cooper and Gillette from Central. He has also worked with many famous brands like Calvin Klein, Lee Cooper, UMM, Gillette as a model and a blogger. He began his career as a model and worked his way up to the big screen.

Before entering the media business, he worked with several well-known advertising agencies, including Levi’s, and a few theatre productions. Yet, he had to face many rejections when he first started his modelling career, but he didn’t give up until the end, and now he is a professional model, lifestyle blogger, and influencer. He has learned to be self-assured in all facets of his life as a result of this experience.

He has a natural inclination to explore various lifestyles and people, to see what is good about them and what is good for them as influencers and writers. He is also a national-level badminton player, which has taught him never to give up and work tirelessly to accomplish his objectives.

He wishes to contribute to the community and remembers his mother telling him that, “Helping others is the rent we have to pay for living on this beautiful planet”.This statement had a significant impact on him. He has been serving as an active volunteer of the Rotary Club, an organisation dedicated to improving the society as a whole.

They organise blood drives, food drives and distribute protective masks, among other things. During his time as the club’s Secretary, they were awarded the district’s Best Community Service Club Award, which is a tremendous honour. He hopes to use his talents and ability in the future to help others who are less fortunate in the world.

His ambition in life is to become an industrialist who can benefit people by producing inexpensive clothing, food, and other goods. Try to give them the life they deserve, and I try his hardest to make the world a better place as a human being.

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