All around us, we see and hear stories about a lot of people and learn how they went ahead in their quest to make it huge in their respective fields. All these individuals are the ones who have shown what it really takes to reach a certain prominent position in career and life and have also inspired many other young talents across the world to believe in their dreams and take over their areas of interest. We came across one such talent in the artistic field, who believed in his passion and aspirations and thus went ahead in creating his unique niche in the same; he is Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi. He was born and raised in Unizah, Saudi Arabia, considered one of the most beautiful Saudi cities.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi confesses that his passion for writing started at a very early age. He began by reading different stories and novels and aspired to become a well-known writer. Though his university major had nothing to do with his writing passion, he still would keep writing simple stories and excitedly show them to his friends as a youngster. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi went ahead to write his first novel called ‘Diwan Al-Orouba’, which is a beautiful fictional epic novel revolving around the history of Arabs.

Today, Ahmed has reached a position where he proudly calls himself a writer and film-maker. Writing stories and making movies both had attracted Ahmed at a very early age, which made him understand his true calling. Writing his first novel at the naive age of only 18, Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi tried to excel in his visions and imagination in writing and also turned to film-making to create a stronger career for himself in the entertainment and artistic field. His early success at writing stories as a youngster motivated him to make it his career, and today he has to his credit multiple successes, thanks to his abilities, resilience, and confidence to overcome challenges in life, where he faced bullying at the beginning.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi stands apart from others for his skills in writing stories about people’s problems, their reality and issues as they are. Speaking about his next project, he says he is writing a new story about a girl suffering in an oppressive society. As a passionate writer and film-maker, Ahmed has attained great success, which has had his achievements get featured in various newspapers. Also, he enjoys a growing number of followers on social media.

Looking at Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi’s success, one can only imagine the feats he is yet to achieve through his writing and film-making skills in the coming years.

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