Meet Aman Gupta, the 20-Year-Old Digital and Online Marketing Prodigy of India

The kind of momentum the internet has achieved in the last few years and especially now where most of the businesses are turning their operations digital has proved the revolutions the online mediums are bringing to the world of business. Startups and rising entrepreneurs want to optimize these mediums to gain maximum advantage and presence through marketing and PR and with the smart use of social media platforms. This is when young and talented minds like Aman Gupta come into the picture. The Kolkata lad stands unique not just as a digital marketer and PR specialist, but also as an Instagram growth expert, celebrity manager and music marketer.

He is the founder and CEO of Growth Agency, which is a full-service PR and digital agency that manages accounts of various celebrities and handles music promotions as well. 

Let’s get into a quick chat with the young lad making waves in the digital world.

Tell us about your firm ‘Growth Agency’ and how did you come up with the idea?

Growth Agency is what I thought of creating, after starting my journey quite early in life at the age of 16. I managed many meme pages and also did a lot of promotional work. As I kept learning many things in the process, I gained the confidence to thrive in my company with more creative ideas for digital marketing and PR. I even realized the importance of strategic media placements, as it could bring about massive coverage and validation for clients from top publications. For PR, over the years, I have developed great relations with publications and editors, which has ultimately helped me and my clients increase our reach and presence.

Why is PR important and for whom?

For the world to know what you offer or what you are capable of doing, PR is of utmost importance today. Strategic media placements have become a necessity for brands and entrepreneurs, which gives them more exposure and strengthens their presence in the market. It is great for all, the already established names and the budding names as well in any industry.

Any PR related advice that you would like to share?

PR is about providing value to people and it also gives it back by providing people the reach and presence they need. Journalists and publications are also on a constant look out for valuable matters and stories and if a company or an entrepreneur can provide value through their stories, it becomes a win-win situation for both. It is about targeting the right people with the right pitch.

What is the importance of Instagram Growth?

Most of the brands and businesses have turned their focus on social media. Instagram has given immense exposure to these brands. Since the beginning, I understood the Instagram algorithm like no other and emphasized on identifying the right target audience before building a robust online presence. With the right kind of content, people do get diverted to the page automatically, which eventually helps the Instagram page to be monetized.

What makes you stand apart from others?

My passion, research and flexibility according to the changing trends of the industry to provide better results with my abilities as an Instagram growth expert, marketing and PR specialist.

Which is the most important trait for achieving success?

Nothing beats consistent hard work and having a strong self-belief for getting where one wishes to be and achieving success.

How can our readers reach you?

Connect with me on Instagram @digitalaman_ or Linkedin @digitalamangupta .

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