Meet Aman Jaswal, the Digital Marketer Whose Skills Took him to the Next Level

A guy who got the sense of working at teenage only and now has come across that stage where people could not reach by their late 30s. Aman Jaswal who put up from the heart of India, Delhi, has won many people’s hearts with his work. As marketing is one of the elite professions with the fastest-growing pace which has given the possibilities to numerous and most of the successful people in the world. Aman Jaswal is one of the freshest and skilled marketers.  He completes his work with complete joy. This Delhihite is setting a benchmark for numerous youngsters.

He has helped in managing campaigns conducted on social media apps. He has worked with Zee, Alt Balaji, amazon prime video, T – series. Recently, he was working with vi, Moj app, josh app and lenskart.  He is working with a renowned social media agency named Socialmatte.

Aman is a fun-loving guy who tries to achieve more and more in life and stays happy with whatever he achieves with his hard work and consistent dedication towards his work. As social media is developing and so is the content, he is doing exactly what is needed and he knows how to manipulate things. Everyone needs a personal support , for Aman his supporter is his brother Akshay jaswal who has always supported him in every situation.

He accompanies the famous saying of Joe Chernov, “Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart”.

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