Meet Anas Khan – A Teenage Entrepreneur And A Social Media Magician

At the young age of 18, this Indian teen has achieved things that many people fail to do in their entire lifetime. At an age when youngsters usually enjoy their life to the fullest and study, Anas Khan from New Delhi is on his way to build his digital marketing empire.

In the age when the Internet and opportunities are available for anyone and everyone a very few actually seize them, Anas is one of them. This multitalented youth has tested the waters of many different fields. Currently, he is a Digital Marketer, a YouTuber, an Instagrammer, a Tik Toker, and a Crypto investor. His sharp business acumen has taken him places. His knowledge about Crypto Currency and Blockchain will stun you. He has been providing digital marketing services for quite some time now and his thinking process is extremely unique, he believes in hard work. Anas says ”That there isn’t a single successful person who has not put in hard work” which is true in every sense. His strategy is simple, “Set your priorities right and know exactly what you want in life!.”

His Instagram and Tik Tok accounts have thousands of followers who are increasing in numbers with every passing day. His content mainly includes topics like lifestyle, growth hacks on Instagram, gadget reviews, etc. He also posts content related to motivation and self-introspection. Despite working so hard every day, he doesn’t miss out on anything important and actually makes time to practice his hobbies which include regular gymming, going for long drives, and chilling with friends. He also believes that just one source of income isn’t enough, and one should have multiple sources of income to multiply his monetary gains. To young and aspiring entrepreneurs his wise words are, to never compare your success to anyone else and to keep working as hard as you can. Also find your skill sets and improve them. He is truly an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs who want to make it big in life.

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