Meet Aniket Kanade, One of the Talented Minds Behind the Exponential Rise of the Field of Photography

As a young and professional photographer, Aniket earned a rich list of clientele, also including many celebs.

Having a closer look around us will let us know how different individuals from across different industries have been making it big in their ventures. The deeper we know about their stories, the more we learn about their struggles, challenges, and how they overcame all of that to become the best in their chosen industries. The photography space in India has shown how passionate individuals have gone ahead in creating milestone not just in our country but also worldwide. The major credit to their success goes to their unending efforts and resilience to become their best versions as photographers and giving the best experiences to their clients. Aniket Kanade’s name tops the list currently in India, being one of the top candid wedding photographers and the ones who have astounded people with his creative ideas in shooting for every event he takes in his hand.

Since a very early age, if anything that ever attracted Aniket Kanade the most, it was anything and everything that related to the camera. He developed a keen interest in knowing more about different camera brands, their working and the various camera equipments as well. This early inclination towards camera developed in him the passion required to excel as a professional photographer. Hence, in 2011, the youngster began his expedition in the field of photography. Ever since then, he has never looked back.

To be a part of the creative and artistic field can be very challenging, points out Aniket Kanade. He says that there are innumerable talents in this world and photography is a field, which has grown all the more because many people have entered the markets as professional photographers. Hence, sometimes it may get difficult to try and manage a position for oneself amidst so much competition. However, people who believe in their dreams and keep their passion above any fears of the industry are the ones that go ahead in truly creating their unique niche. He highlights, he did the same and here he is today, as one of the leading most wedding photographers, who has also worked along with many celebrities as his clients.

Aniket Kanade’s photography has a unique signature style, which has allowed him to work for 100+ wedding assignments across the country and even beyond that. This also helped him do many photoshoots of sportsmen, celebs, politicians. Some of the names include Savita Prabhune, Dnyaneshwari Gaikwad, Sharad Pawar, Fazel Atrachali and Utkarsh Shinde.

Most importantly, Aniket Kanade’s work got featured on Nikon’s official website globally and also Nikon India and Nikon Asia featured his work for their promotion.


Written by Garry Logan

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