Meet ATL July With an Innate Musical Sensibility and Fluid Tenor Voice

ATL July a multi-talented R&B/HipHop singer from Cambridge Massachusetts is steadily making waves as an exciting new artist. 

Currently residing in Texas, this accomplished singer/songwriter has written for an array of artists at Sony & Universal as well as working as an accomplished musician and recording engineer. 

 Born as Akum Lee to an Afro American Father and a Dominican Mother, music played a huge part in the family household, his father was a musician and the youngster was exposed to a diverse range of musical styles, inspired by greats such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder & Barry White. 

With solid capabilities in music, the singer is a self-taught musician adding keys, drums and bass guitar to his range of skills. His solid musicianship, creativity and professionalism have led him to work with a diverse range of top artists as a recording engineer, writer and musician in the States as well as some of Brazil’s finest artists. 

Many of the artists he has worked with encouraged this inspiring talent to record his own music, seeing that special something and believing in his artistry. 

This cool creative talent is currently working on various projects, his latest release “Nasty Girl” showcases his creativity and distinctive style, his tracks are powerfully catchy, imaginative and expressive. 

ATL July continues to go from strength to strength, this innovative & exciting singer is showcasing its possibility to be successful in anything you strive hard for.

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