Meet Award-winning, Transformational Life & Career Coach and Business Mentor – Catherine Wright

Catherine is also the Founder of the Women in Business Society. Through Catherine’s signature 1:1 RESULT coaching, online courses & corporate events, Catherine empowers her clients to thrive both professionally and personally by taking bold, aligned action to achieve success on their own terms and maximize their potential. Her goal is to celebrate individuals for their success, encouraging them to reach new heights in their career or business.

Catherine’s mantra is “you need a different perspective, different strategy, and a different mindset to get different & better results.”

Catherine’s most extensive training has been her life experience, which has been key to her success. Having spent almost a decade in the corporate finance sector, she has experienced first-hand the challenges that come with successfully climbing corporate ladders, thriving in fast-paced & pressured environments as well as balancing life, work, and well-being.

What are the Core Values that Guide Catherine Wright?

For as long as she can remember, Catherine has had an overwhelming passion to truly motivate and empower people to reach their full potential, goals & desires. Unknowingly, she had been doing this on auto-pilot throughout her finance career and also in her personal relationships. Catherine has always valued building strong connections with people above all else.

As she mentored more and more individuals who approached her for guidance and advice, it became evident that she had to set up her coaching business. Catherine has not only significantly transformed her own life, but also her clients lives, in a way that is sustainable and delivers consistent results.

Catherine’s core values are: Community & Impact, Leading by Example (Authenticity & Integrity) and Sustainable Wealth & Success. Catherine’s personal mission is to transform the self-belief, self-confidence, career, and relationships of her clients to ensure they realize how capable and deserving they are; to build a positive life & career that they love; and a mindset that will take them places – so that they too can achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

What does Success Mean to Catherine Wright?

Success to Catherine means positively impacting the lives of as many people as possible through a combination of mindset work, professional development and career / business strategy so that they can effectively & sustainably achieve all of their goals that previously felt unattainable, prior to working with her.

As a successful and ambitious individual, Catherine practices what she preaches and is a life-long learner who is constantly striving to develop herself and expand her knowledge across different areas. Catherine has significant experience in the corporate world and in-depth knowledge and training in emotional intelligence, health & relationships. As such, she provides her clients with a unique blend of accredited coaching & mentoring.

Catherine’s 1:1 Signature RESULT Coaching

Catherine’s business is a reflection of her and her life experience. She is a natural-born leader and motivator and her clients can immediately see her passion for what she does, her drive to help others succeed in their chosen field, and her willingness to put the hard work in to help them achieve their goals, to know that she is 110% behind them, supporting them every step of the way.

Catherine’s signature 6 step ‘RESULT’ transformation program takes place over 4-6 months and combines in-depth mindset strategy with career and business coaching making it unique to any other program available. Catherine’s bespoke problem-solving methods & techniques use proven methods based on core psychological principles to help her clients get to the root cause of their challenges; rather than facilitating a quick fix.

This allows her clients to effectively unlock their full potential and overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from living in the highest version of themselves, therefore achieving full clarity in creating the life they envisioned but didn’t think was possible before.

Catherine keeps her clients focused and accountable so that they achieve real, sustainable results and a long-lasting transformation in their life and career, facilitating them with exponential personal & professional growth & transformation, whether this means creating more income, impact, and success in their relationships, career or business (or all three), ultimately defining success on their terms.


Catherine believes that everyone is unique based on their own life experiences, and that is their superpower. She believes it’s important for individuals to harness and positively use every experience that they go through to become a better and more successful individual going forward. Catherine advocates that having a strong sense of self-belief and prioritizing your vision above all else, is integral when running a business or pivoting in a career.

Catherine recommends hiring a coach to keep you accountable and motivated throughout all the potential challenges when moving up to that next level in your life & career. This saves a significant amount of time in the long run, not to mention in identifying blind spots that you may not be able to see.

Ambition, passion, determination, consistency, commitment, and resilience are key qualities Catherine says that you need to have and truly embody when you are progressing in your career or running your own business. She believes that it’s how you bounce back from perceived or actualized challenges that define your long-term success.

If you want to set goals that you consistently reach time and time again, get in touch with Catherine Wright today!

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