Meet Biru Kataria, Excelling as a Best Artist & Content Creator of India in 2021

Biru Kataria is a young dynamic Artist of Dehli & Haryana

In today’s society, we see many individuals in the music industry fold from the global pandemic. It has sucked the life out of some up-and-coming artists as it shows no end in sight. While a majority of people are falling into this category, that doesn’t mean everyone is. That’s where Haryanvi Artist Biru Kataria comes into play

Biru Kataria is a young dynamic Artist of Dehli & Haryana, who lives in Gurugram “Gurgaon”. Biru started his career since 2015, & his age is only 21 years. He is the youngest best actor of Haryana Film Industry. His Real Name is Birbal kataria but he is famous with his Artistic Stage Name ‘Biru Kataria’ , Young Dynamic Artist,

‘Biru Kataria, a well-known Artist and youth icon from Gurugram, Haryana was quite clear from his childhood to choose the path of the public’s Favourite.

He worked with Haryana’s biggest artist organizing companies and Many Famous Personality, Actor, & Singers which is at the peak of his field today. Biru is Planning to work with Punjabi singers like Parmish Verma and Karan Shembi, Recently, he is coming with many Music Videos which are already Shooted at Dubai,

He said he never gave up, His Fans and Brother always supports him and always came with trending songs which are getting viral in todays life.

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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