Meet BLEAM: House Producer, Sushi Connoisseur, and Technology Enthusiast

Is it possible that musical genius can be born at the intersection of sushi, technology, and house music? For producer and songwriter BLEAM (@BLEAM), the music industry success seems to be written in the sushi-shaped clouds.

The musical mind behind BLEAM is Ryan Eshaghi, a southern-California born-and-bred musician who grew up cutting his teeth on piano before breaking into the electronic-based production scene.

While Eshaghi has a history of producing genre-varying tracks, BLEAM features a house theme and sense of storytelling that has captured audiences around the world. He is slowly honing in on his own sound – described as a kinetic blend of robotic and nostalgic four-on-the-floor. Inspired by his unique perspectives and passions, BLEAM has taken the house music scene by storm.

Produced From Passion

The inspiration behind BLEAM’s music can be found in his passion and hobbies. From the intricacies of music production to the complexity of sushi preparation, BLEAM finds something beautiful and creative in everything he comes across. The core of it all for this multi-talented artist? A genuine love for music that gives him passion and purpose for every other part of his life.

“Music is the universal language,” says BLEAM. “I could not live without it.”

Eshaghi mentions that the music world and the delicate creation of sushi are interlocked in their complexity. “There are so many seemingly simple, yet carefully specific, steps involved in creating this culinary pleasure. It’s really an art form, and I like art. I try to apply that concept to other aspects of my life.”

In developing a musical concept, BLEAM takes and builds upon his activities from everyday life. “I work as a project manager in the blockchain industry, so I try to implement certain musical elements that evoke the technological side of my interests.”

Whether that means incorporating hard drive fan noises, error message alerts, or even sounds you would hear from AI programs, BLEAM does so in subtle fashion.

This ability to see beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary has helped BLEAM create resonating tracks that have caught the eyes of producers and online influencers across the electronic sphere.

A Short Rise to Success

As BLEAM, Eshaghi had the unique opportunity to play his first show before a crowd of over 4,000 fans at Summerlands Music Festival. From that moment, BLEAM has become a commodity in the Southern California club scene and has performed with some of the biggest names in the industry, including DVBBS, JOYRYDE, Firebeatz, Feed Me, and others.

BLEAM broke free of the bonds of local acclaim to the worldwide radar with his single “Antigua.” The track was added to over a thousand playlists and was featured in Spotify’s “Friday Cratediggers” global dance editorial playlist.

This exposure led to BLEAM being picked up around the globe as a future force in the House Music scene. Eshaghi followed the success of Antigua with his single “Soul Searching,” this time releasing on the acclaimed Mixmash Records. The label, led by industry-famous Laidback Luke, has enjoyed success with artists by the likes of Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Angello, and more. “Soul Searching” peaked at #37 on the Beatport future house charts.

Since his explosive rise to fame, BLEAM has received critical acclaim in the music industry, even picking up track support from artists including Tiësto, R3HAB, and Nicky Romero. Recently, BLEAM was added to Spotify’s ‘Hot New Dance’ editorial playlist for his latest release.

A Humble Hitmaker You Need to Hear

BLEAM continues to bend and beat expectations on what a familiar yet creative sound truly sounds like in house – a genre that has birthed some of modern music’s most notable hits. Yet amid all of BLEAM’s success, Eshaghi is still the humble sushi lover and technophile that one day hopes to open his very own sushi lounge.

The secret to BLEAM’s success? Hard work and personal dedication. “Collaborate with others and talk about your ideas with others,” Eshaghi says. “Surround yourself with trustworthy, forward-thinking, and kind people.”

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