Meet Bohdan Prylepa | The Young Ukrainian IT Expert and Entrepreneur Who Co-founded The Prof-it Blockchain and Bitcoin Ultimatum

The last couple of years were clouded by an unprecedented challenge that affected the entire world in a nearly impossible to predict and extremely hard to manage manner. The arrival of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic changed everyone’s lives and exposed the global economy to a crisis that rapidly spread to virtually every sector.

Unsurprisingly, a small group of industries escaped the devastating effects of the viral widespread and instead were able to flourish. This was the case for the technological sector and, more specifically, the world of cryptocurrencies.

2021, Massive adoption of Blockchain Technology

Even if for the average person, the concept of holding digital assets is still somewhat outlandish, it is safe to say 2021 was yet another great year and one giant step towards mass adoption of blockchain technology, especially since even traditional financial institutions have begun to turn more and more towards crypto.

Understandably, along with the stellar rise in the price of hundreds of coins and tokens came an equivalent increase in the popularity of some of the industry’s key players.

One of them is Bohdan Prylepa. The young Ukrainian IT expert and entrepreneur co-founded his first company before completing his education. Since then, he has gathered significant experience in Internet marketing, IT, web development and has now stepped foot into the world of blockchain tech and Decentralized Finance, becoming one of the top experts in these fields.

In 2013, when he studied at the University, Prylepa co-founded the digital agency Sarafan Co. The agency developed work mobile apps creation, web services, production of advertising videos, offline marketing, brand promotion, and marketing strategies elaboration.

Bodhan Prylepa diving deep into Blockchain energy

In 2016, Bodhan Prylepa decided to narrow his business range and apply his skillset into a more particular area, specializing in blockchain technology. Even though the IT expert had known about cryptocurrencies since around 2013, it was only approximately three years later that Prylepa decided it was essential for his company to focus on a specific field and excel in it.

The chosen area was, of course, blockchain technology, and the timing was impeccable as the young entrepreneur’s complete transition into crypto fortuitously coincided with the industry boom.

In an interview held earlier this year, when asked what attracted him to the blockchain industry, Prylepa mentioned that it is one of the most promising in the whole IT sector.

The entrepreneur added that he believes it is where the best minds and ideas and if any IT project is not ready or willing to embrace the blockchain, it risks losing relevance in a very short period.

Prof-it and Bitcoin Ultimatum

Since venturing into blockchain technology, the Ukrainian blockchain technology expert co-founded Prof-it and Bitcoin Ultimatum, became Vice President of eHold, and earned a position of advisor for regulatory authorities of different countries in all matters regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The first of the above-mentioned projects was Prof-it, a company focused on developing business solutions, web products, mobile applications, and software based on blockchain technology.

Prof-it goal was to provide its clients with unique developments of different levels of complexity, from the most basic to the most intricate processes. The company targeted Fintech projects where it would then develop business tokenization and assist in automating basic processes.

Prylepa is still Prof-it’s CTO. The company is currently based in the UAE, and one of its first most notable achievements was the creation and development of BTCU.

BTCU, or the Bitcoin Ultimatum project, is a new-generation bitcoin fork designed to work upon some of Bitcoins’ flaws. It is a scalable blockchain with the smart contract and atomic swap capabilities, privacy, leasing, and staking through the UPoS consensus algorithm.

Bitcoin Ultimatum allows for 200 transactions per second, with the ability to scale up to 10,000 transactions per second, and the blockchain’s native coin is mined through staking mechanisms instead of the outdated and unsustainable proof of work technology.


This November Prof-it and Bohdan Prylepa achieved another remarkable accomplishment. After years of extensive development and over $3 million invested, the UAE-based company finally launched Qmall, the first regulated exchange in Ukraine.

“The uniqueness of the project is that it will be the very first Ukrainian exchange, fully regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank. We are also developing a serious platform for one of the ministries, while we’ll keep the intrigue for ourselves, it will be a big breakthrough for Ukraine” stated the Ukrainian blockchain expert.

The exchange was presented on November 3rd at Blockchain UA, the Congress, and Exhibition center held in Kyiv.

In addition, the advantage of the domestic exchange will be training in trading operations and increasing financial literacy when working with cryptocurrency. After all, our company plans to create courses for financial literacy and provide training in trading.

The launch of the Qmall exchange for Ukraine marks the first of a series of scheduled international launches. As for now, Prof-it is also launching three other exchanges.

Dominance on social media

The IT professional is also no stranger to social media, his personal Instagram page counts with over 1.2 million followers and, according to RBC Ukraine, it was in the TOP 20 Instagram blogs of 2020. Bohdan Prylepa uses the platform to share some of his day-to-day events, photographs of his travels over the world, and his family.

Bohdan Prylepa has earned himself a spot of influence in the tech world, especially in the crypto sphere, and has publicly spoken about relevant industry-wide topics such as the growing incidence of professional burnout among IT employees and how Prof-it has had a “successful experience of overcoming it”.

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