Braa Ganem

Meet Braa Ganem: a 28 Year old Entrepreneur Creating his own American Dream

The dream of coming to America for new opportunities often entails obtaining stable employment where one can climb the corporate ladder to increase wages in exchange for time and hard work. For Braa Ganem, coming to America from Iraq meant not only a new life but an unconventional way to earn a living – entrepreneurship.

Today, Braa is building his empire focused on shifting the mindsets of a generation from 9-5 employment, to increased openness to other opportunities for financial freedom.

Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, Braa moved with his family to the United States at the age of 7. Braa’s first employment was working with his grandfather who owned multiple businesses, allowing Braa to get his first taste of entrepreneurship at a young age while gaining a valuable understanding of the importance of not only money but time.

Braa attended the Eastern Michigan University where he graduated in December of 2016 with his Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. Although Braa completed his education for a lucrative profession in the medical field, he knew his purpose and future lay in helping people and positively influencing the lives of those he encounters through a different avenue than healthcare.

When discussing his decision to pursue entrepreneurship over medicine, Braa says:

“My grandfather and his success in entrepreneurship had a profound effect on my life. It is a totally different path than what I originally studied for in college, however, I don’t look at it like that. I look at the overall effect that you have on people. In healthcare, you’re trying to help people physically, and through entrepreneurship, the end goal is still to help people but in a different way than healthcare.”

Motivated by his desire to bring financial literacy and a new way of thinking about how to achieve wealth, abundance, and a secure financial future to the masses, Braa sought an opportunity to turn his passion for business into his lifestyle. In 2019, Braa found what he was looking for when he was introduced to network marketing and trading in the financial markets.

Braa says he had planned to quit his corporate job but was unexpectedly pushed towards resignation which ultimately put pressure on him to perform at his peak in entrepreneurship:

“When I was pushed out of my corporate job three months ahead of the date I was scheduled to leave, my back was against the wall, but I think I performed my best under pressure. I had no other choice but to figure things out, make things work because there was no other way. Facing that challenge head-on made me stronger, and strengthened the belief system I have in myself and really is what helped me become successful to this day.”

To date, Braa has co-founded his organization called Millionaire Mindset, focused on teaching new and aspiring entrepreneurs how to invest and trade in the financial markets or become business owners themselves.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Braa says:

“The objective is to shift the whole mindset of a generation, teaching them a new way to not just make money, but really thrive in life. I kind of think of it as the new American Dream. We’re helping them attain not only financial freedom but time freedom. This is a new avenue outside of a traditional 9-5 that otherwise may not have been available to them.”

Through Millionaire Mindset, Braa has co-created a global team of over 150 like-minded individuals and counting, working towards a collective goal of gaining a new level of freedom through the tools and education provided by the business. Braa is working diligently towards continued expansion, and creating a greater impact and presence in his community.

Currently residing in Dearborn, Michigan, Braa says there is a large Middle Eastern population on which he hopes to focus his efforts once the pandemic is over. Braa wants to help youth see a new way of life outside of a 9-5, where they can truly aspire to be anything they want and achieve it with the right mindset, work ethic, and mentorship.

With traditions set across generations especially within his culture, Braa says it can be difficult but worthwhile to work towards creating that shift in the mindsets of his community and the world:

“If you’re trying to change the way people think, especially the way people have been thinking for generations, you’re going to face a lot of criticism, a lot of skepticism. Establishing myself as a legitimate businessman with information and value to bring to the table was tough at first. By being genuine and transparent and demonstrating that you are knowledgeable in this field with proven results, will help people make that decision to work with you towards that common goal.”

Braa says that to create a brand or business that will flourish, you must ensure that you set yourself apart from the competition. To accomplish this you must do your research and due diligence to be extremely knowledgeable on your product or service. Tailor your marketing to your target audience and take time to perfect your pitch. Also, placing transparency with your customers at the forefront of your mission statement is essential to building trust with your clients for long-lasting relationships.

Being in a position to truly act as a catalyst for positive change, Braa has been through his fair share of bumps on his entrepreneurial journey that he has learned and grown from to become the selfless leader he is today. Growing up in a war-torn country Braa has witnessed the tragedy and experienced adversity, but has learned to keep a positive attitude in times of turmoil. Coming to America, Braa faced the challenges of learning a new language and becoming accustomed to a new culture and environment.

Being the oldest of 6 siblings, Braa says he learned to take on the responsibility to set a positive example for his family as a member of society earning an income and forging a path to success.

With Braa’s business, Millionaire Mindset, on an upwards trajectory, new leaders and entrepreneurs continue to emerge from under his mentorship, with a new mindset and new ideas on creating their own American Dream.

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