Meet, Brandon Howard, widely-admired influential entrepreneur!

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Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label. It’s a lifestyle that people choose to build the life of their dreams and bring revolutionary changes in society. Brandon Howard is one of the most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs present in the industry. Brandon Howard is also a strong advocate for the liberalization of marijuana laws in Indiana using the successes of other states as a model.

Brandon has been born and brought up in Detroit, Michigan. Later at the age of 13, he moved to Indiana. Since childhood, Brandon was a very helpful person who has always assisted all those within his reach. He is a man with a golden heart who is always able to connect and relate directly to individuals.

In his career, he has held the position of a successful Artist Manager working from 2008 to 2011 and later was a magazine Publication owner from 2014 to 2018. Eventually in, 2018 he launched his own brand “Higher Life”. 

Brandon’s brand “Higher Life” is one of the top Cannabidiol also known as CBD brand is present in the Midwest. The brand is located in Indianapolis, IN. It offers a product line of high-grade CBD and Hemp products that are formulated for the user to experience a full sweep of health benefits while providing a feeling of complete relaxation. They have worked with some of the country’s best CBD companies that use high purity CBD and other natural botanical extracts Their product line also includes tinctures, edibles, skincare, and wellness products. 

The goal of “Higher Life” is to find attractive, effective, and healthful products that encourage optimal mind and body function, which will also make a person feel great. 

Brandon and his brand Higher life have been featured in nationally recognized media outlets like High Times Magazine, L. A Weekly, IMDB, Fox News, Influencive, USA Today, Indy Star, Yahoo!, Medium, RTV6, Nuvo, and the Indianapolis Business Journal since its establishment.

Recently, Higher Life CBD Dispensary LLC announced the launch of a new line of Hemp-derived products in partnership with Social Media Influencer Sara Molina who has a substantial number of followers on her Instagram account which can help bring audiences to Higher Life CBD to help market their new line.

They have also launched a new blueberry Indica strain delta 8 cartridges in 800mg size which has received industry awards from publications like USA Today and High Times.

Know more about Brandon and his brand through his social media handle (link down below)





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