Meet Brettina: The Bahamian Artist Who is Taking the Center Stage With a Unique Sound

The music scene has continuously evolved throughout the years. The advent of diverse preferences and modernization has led to a rise of novel sounds that are sprinkled with contemporary beats and rhythm, catapulting the industry towards a new era.

While there are a number of artists who stick with the classics, there are several talented personalities who experiment on melodies and take their music up a notch to deliver a masterful piece of art in its wonderfully renewed form. Fueled by this remarkable direction, rising star Brettina combines classic jazz and island tones to introduce an organic and refreshing sound into the arena.

Hailing from the pristine white sand beaches and turquoise-colored waters of the Bahamas, this sultry songstress is currently making waves across the realms of music and entertainment with her brilliant tunes, unparalleled talents, and avant-garde approach to music.

Every track that Brettina releases speaks volumes of her musical prowess, effectively emphasizing her excellent command over beats, lyrics, and rhythm. As an emerging multi-talented artist, Brettina is more than what meets the eye.

This go-getter draws inspiration from her roots, taking center stage by mashing Bahamian tones with classic jazz. Brettina not only strives to climb an ever-changing industry but also seeks to introduce a unique Bahamian sound on the international scale. 

As a passion-driven artist who goes beyond national borders to share her rich cultural upbringing with the world through music, Brettina takes pride in her novel approach, coupled with a voice that embodies the serenity of the waves as they calmly crash onto the shore.

With relatives who were former legends in the music space as the Funk, RnB, and Soul group T-Connection, Brettina continues to carry the baton, hoping to gain global appeal. Her overall disposition solidifies her own unique lane, capturing the hearts of many listeners and established authorities, which eventually cements a reputable stance across a highly competitive industry.

As Brettina continues to rise through the ranks, she has found herself on the receiving end of countless opportunities. Her long-awaited sophomore project, venturing into world music, classic jazz, and Caribbean rhythms, was released on April 9th, 2021.

The four-song EP titled ‘New Day’ contains the uplifting single titled ‘Bop Baiye’, the catchy viral single ‘Simple Pleasures’, the sultry song ‘Low,’ and the declaration song, ‘New Day,’ produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer G’harah Degeddingseze and co-writer/vocal Producer Patricia Battani. World-renowned recording Engineer Al Schmitt was also an important contributor to the project. The four-song EP is fast becoming an anthem among her fans, enjoyed by the young and seasoned. 

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Brettina hopes to launch herself in the international arena, bringing the richness of her Bahamian roots to the global stage. This multi-talented artist also wishes to create a brand of Bahamian-inspired and earth-friendly apparel and beauty products. A big chunk of its proceeds goes to charitable institutions that fight world hunger.

Although the music landscape is brimming with legends and talented individuals, Brettina serves as a genuine attestation that it is never too late to dream big in an industry as competitive as the entertainment scene. As she continues to stand at the forefront of making her dreams happen. She also hopes to inspire more aspiring hopefuls to believe in themselves and strive for success, no matter how difficult the path may be.

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