Meet Businessman and Social Worker Naseeb Ullah

Naseeb Ullah also works for people or youngsters who want to start their own business but are not fully trained.

Naseeb Ullah was born in Balochistan, Pakistan 3 July 1999. He didn’t shine at studies he was more curious about extracurricular activities, like football, cricket Painting, and Art. At the age of 14, he had begun to try his first business ventures, including trying to grow Forex exchange trading. From a young age, he was more interested in business than studies, which is why he became successful in business at a very young age and became the first young businessman in Balochistan. He was consistently successful in his career, he grew his business day by day. He also runs his business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and freelancing site. He owns NT Media Company.

Don’t be discouraged by the daunting task ahead of you. The famous quote, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ bears great relevance here. Work diligently and greatness will come. Don’t expect it on day one. Planning will only get you so far. You need to go out and achieve your success. No-one is going to hand it to you.

Naseeb Ullah also works for people or youngsters who want to start their own business but are not fully trained. He guides business development and gives them free online classes. During his live session with the newcomer entrepreneur, He deeply explained that It’s really important, to be honest, and sincere with yourself and your business. If it seems your idea has already been done, are you able to roll in the hay better or offer it cheaper than the competition? Ask yourself the hard questions and obtain feedback from associates and mentors. Better yet, test your idea with an easy landing page that describes your product or service. See if people will offer you their email address to be notified when your product or service launches.

Then, let the facts and numbers represent themselves, and don’t let emotions cloud the reality. In your research phase, you ought to be ready to determine how people in your niche seem to be doing their marketing. This may offer your ideas for a way you would possibly wish to do your marketing. The name of your business is a vital business name also impact business growth and customer attention. You need a website or blog for advertising and business prediction because it helps people get to know your business. A professional and aesthetically pleasing website lets everyone know you mean business. It’s the virtual card or storefront for all of your products and services. It gives you the prospect to succeed in many people everywhere the country or maybe world.

Naseeb Ullah has an aim to enable people to do their own business that is why he provides support to people and he also helps the poor people who cannot work. He works as a social worker work with specific groups of people, including the poor kids, the old people, and families in crisis, and help them to solve the issues or problems they’re facing. He tries to solve their problems and provide help to them


Written by Garry Logan

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