Meet Charles Spears, Accomplished Creative Director and Business Strategist

Charles Spears is an accomplished self-made Creative Director and Business Strategist. It took years of working on garnering relationships and partnering with various brands to develop his sought-after skillset. While Spears has an innate eye for captivating images, he taught himself how to translate his vision into digital storytelling. Spears got his start in the tattoo industry. He launched a blog featuring tattoo styles, artists, models, and feature pieces. Through persistence, Spears cultivated his online forum and his publication became the leading authority in the industry at its peak.

As the world around him and his interests changed, he developed an acumen for social media and photography. Spears began partnering with lifestyle brands such as 66 Audio and Solepack. Always on the go, he appreciates working with products that complement his grind. Meanwhile, his discernment sharpened for attention-grabbing content. He went on to develop a relationship with creative brands such as Mojo Video and Spark Camera. He became fascinated with how visual images tell a brand’s story and bring new clients into their community. Then Spears had the opportunity to consult with Curio, an audio media service. His most recent collaboration was with the newly-launched sport utility gear and apparel brand Municipal.

Spears feels fortunate to have worked with so many great businesses. Better known as Officialapmg online, he is now committed to giving back. Whether it be a start-up or a seasoned establishment looking for fresh energy, Spears likes to share social media tips and business pearls. His greatest satisfaction comes from seeing others achieving success in life, business, and creative endeavors. Spears will continue to deepen his relationships and looks forward to building his network even further.

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