Meet Chunko, AKA Eldunko, Shining Through His Struggles and Taking Over the Music and Entrepreneurial World as a Passionate Professional

The world so far has seen some of the greatest success stories, where some of them have shown people the path to success and how they can go ahead in creating milestones in their chosen industries.

These individuals radiate a certain level of brilliance when it comes to their chosen niches and prove their mettle to the world in ways more than one. Along the journeys, most of these self-made professionals did face struggles and challenges. However, a few rare gems chose to overcome them all and achieve their desired success, inspiring many other young talents.

Doing the same in the world of music and entrepreneurship is a self-made young man named Chunko, aka ElDunko, who faced many things in life but went against all odds to fulfil his dreams in music as a rapper.

Who is Chunko, aka ElDunko, you ask? Well, this passionate being is an aspiring artist from “The Valley” in Garfield, a small neighbourhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He recalls how he grew up in the low-income family background and, as a kid, couldn’t go on field trips as his family couldn’t afford it.

Hence, he knew he would have to start working early to make money. For this, Chunko would sell candy in front of stores and would even steal out of cars. Unfortunately, this landed him in juvenile detention centres and made him face many other struggles in life.

All through these dark times, Chunko would remind himself that he got to do better and focus on his music. Chunko reveals that since he was 6, he wanted to become a rap artist also because his parents made music but could not make it in the industry. Today, this young man has completely changed his life. He has shown people that good choices, combined with hard work and determination, can turn an individual’s life completely and for the better.

On asking what helps him stand apart as a rapper, Chunko says that when he raps, he raps about his life and does not believe in lying in raps and acting like he is already rich because he isn’t. Chunko says that even today, he keeps grinding every day for a better life.

He highlights how the passing of a dear friend further motivated him to do better in music. His new single “IHOP” radiates a fun vibe, showing his creativity, turning something simple into something meaningful.

Chunko is excited about his first upcoming show and is looking forward to doing more in the future sell-out shows. Chunko has also astounded people with his entrepreneurial skills with his newest clothing line. To know more, follow him on Instagram @sayylessss.

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