Meet David Roberts – The Undisputed King of the Ring

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport that combines various techniques incorporated from martial arts around the world. It’s a full-contact unarmed fighting sport that involves striking, grappling, and ground fighting. There have been many champions whose names are etched in the history of MMA. Still, there’s one name that stands out for Armenians worldwide, and that’s David Roberts, who remains undefeated in his combined seven professional fighting matches.

The Los Angeles-based MMA fighter has shattered all his competition with lethal combat techniques. He is known for his power, as all of his wins have come in the first round. He presently holds a professional record of 3-0 in his boxing bouts and 4-0 in his MMA matches. David has significant plans to continue his winning streak this year in his professional fighting career. Roberts, was competing in “The Celtic Gladiator,” a well-known professional MMA promotion in which he walked over his competitors. David has a strong support team behind him who make sure his training schedule and other days to day affairs related to his fighting career are maintained in top form. “The champion that you see is all because of my team, who are my pillars of strength. They work nonchalantly behind the scenes and have a big hand in making my dreams come true.” says Roberts.

David is in top form today and trains at Hayastan MMA Academy, which is well known for churning out the most talented fighters the world has ever seen in the past few decades. He trains under the expert guidance of MMA’s top name Gokor Chivichyan. Bernie Hopalian, who also plays a significant role in Robert’s training camp and has maintained his striking at an elite level. He is looking forward to his debut soon in one of the biggest MMA promotions, Bellator. “I want to face Dillon Danis in the ring and make sure I show him that he is a clown; I’ll beat the breaks off that guy,” states David.

David is diligently training and is focused on making big moves in 2021. The man has come a long way, having risen from a low-income family to becoming a man who inspires many around the world. That’s David Roberts for you!

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