Meet Divyanshu Dixit, The Man Who Arguably Laid the Foundation of Music

Innovation has likewise changed how music is being performed. Music creation opens up a plethora of vocational opportunities, particularly more with the infiltration of online media, from being an independent craftsman, studio engineer, sound originator, recording engineer and jingle composing. To sum up, despite the fact that the devices of music production have become more available, the masterful perspective emerges from a ton of difficult work and devotion.

Divyanshu Dixit is one such person. Raised in India, he is fond of music, the artists and everything related to harmonies and hymns. He is a phenomenal music producer and the owner of the tremendous label Loops Beats Records which is a music video production and distribution house. The label works in the fields of English/Hindi music videos and VFX endeavoring to change the substance of the music video industry and take it higher than ever. The organization is focused on the best creation of songs and music videos and it’s stage centers around new talented artists, to imaginative creations that intend to engage both homegrown and global crowds, just as producing the presence of different artists into music videos.

Loops Beats Records, which is known for advancing youthful performers is once more demonstrating they don’t talk, they do it. Divyanshu alongwith his company Loops Beats Records is on the verge of advancing youthful ability by a delightful melody called “Still Love you.” The label dispatched this melody in April 2020 and it hit the chart busters within a week. With this tune, the label introduced a dynamic singer and rapper named Rawzeen. Divyanshu even claims that Rawzeen is a new and fresh voice and the audience will definitely relish his euphonious vocals and work.

With the new singer, Divyanshu and his company are likewise accompanying another great entertainer named Karan Saroha who isn’t just the elite actor and personality in the industry but also the current talk of the town. Taking a gander at the star cast and banner, he feels it will be a success. With this tune, the label will be introducing two new eminent stars, Rawzeen as singer and rapper and Karan Saroha as the new face of the business.

Divyanshu Dixit as a singer, producer, composer and a brilliant songwriter is attaining great success and is an inspiration to all the budding independent artists to work hard and turn their dreams into a reality.

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